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Froyo vs. Gingerbread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Chrisff60, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. Chrisff60

    Chrisff60 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Since it seems like a lot of people have switched over to GB, i thought I'd start a thread to see what others think of the upgrade that Samsung had 9 months to work on.

    Please add as you see fit.

    I am using GB 2.3.4.
    1. Unlock screen is definitely slower.
    2. Memory usage seems to be slightly better.
    3. Quadrant scores are way higher (1056) so graphics should have improved.
    4. Notification bar is different. (I liked Froyo)
    5. No skins for messaging. (I use Handcent though)
    6. Can't find the "Use only 2G" option. (Please help)
    7. Wifi works only sometimes for WPA networks. Had to change mine to WEP to ensure reliability. (Very annoying)
    8. SMS is sent when data network is active, and sometimes when it is not. (Not stable at all)
    9. KIES now not recognizing my upgraded Android even though I used it to upgrade to GB.

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  2. GrahamF

    GrahamF Android Enthusiast

    Hi chrisff60, many thanks for starting this thread - I'm one of the many who are sitting on the fence waiting to see what happens with GB! You say you are on 2.3.4, but I hear that 2.3.3 is just as bad & has other bugs. I was actually advised by an 02-UK "Guru" NOT to upgrade to GB yet until it is sorted out! So I'm looking forward to hearing everybodies experiences & pro's/con's of GB before I decide what to do.:)
    I have no wifi issues, or SOD or random shutdowns etc.. & my battery life is 2-4 days with normal use on Froyo 2.2.1, so I am very wary about GB! I personally don't feel rooting/flashing or custom ROM's are the way to go & they also seem to cause more problems than not. "better the Devil you know eh!!" GrahamF. London.
  3. Jashe

    Jashe Newbie

    i do agree on what the top was about unlock screen, but, everything is fine for me. I think you should upgrade it. I dont like the wifi error on 2.2. 2.33 is fine for me so go ahead!!!
  4. nnamcha

    nnamcha Newbie

    Sms don't use data connection. 2g only is in parameter wireless and network then mobile network (the last choice)
    In wifi parameter you can press menu key, and resolve all your problems.
    2-4 days battery life...i never do better than 2 with gb! Don't use task killer with gb.
  5. Chrisff60

    Chrisff60 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks Graham, felt it was time because I hadn't seen one yet. And, yes, I feel that Froyo was better and wish I had stayed with it, but after having gone through the trouble to make GB work, don't feel like :| And for now, the phone is staying stock.

    Well, nnamcha, like I said, I'm on 2.3.4. and the reason I said I couldn't find '2g networks only' was because it's changed from 2.2.1 and I don't know where it is now. I checked the path you said, but it isn't there in the mobile network options. I'm at work now but will post a screenshot soon as I get home.

    Any one else come across problems and/or potential fixes?
  6. Mark LaFlamme

    Mark LaFlamme Newbie

    Maybe somebody can help me with this weird conundrum. I rooted successfully with the Gingerbread break just yesterday. Worked great. I'm definitely rooted
  7. PJ147

    PJ147 Android Enthusiast

    rooting is not changing your rom. 2 completely different processes.
  8. Mark LaFlamme

    Mark LaFlamme Newbie

    Ah. I thought because this method launches a Gingerbread component... But never mind. Thanks for the verification. I'm cool with that. No hurry to leave Froyo at all. The root definitely cleared up my freeze problem and I'm absolutely loving Titanium.
  9. seilangkai

    seilangkai Lurker

    Gingerbread has support to operate 2 camera in once, thus we can have a video call with front camera while Froyo didn

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