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Froyo was never a question, Gingerbread is the question.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by RichieHD, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. RichieHD

    RichieHD Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    With features like the new streaming music app google is bringing out, I hope they put it in the market and not only built into 2.3

    I'm a bit worried about Sammy's support beyond Froyo. I know this isn't something you haven't already heard, but it's worth noting. With the Galaxy Tab guaranteed Gingerbread and Honeycomb (direct from Samsung press release), I would think the SGS phones might get the same treatment.

    With the Tab's coming out next week as well as Froyo for SGS in Europe being rolled out now, I think Samsung is trying to update the phones in sync with the Froyo tabs being sold. I'd like to think that when the Tab's get Gingerbread, so will we.

    Thoughts on my theory?

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  2. lexluthor

    lexluthor Android Expert

    Does anyone really think you'll ever see anything past 2.2 officially on this phone?

    They are going to wind up releasing 2.2 anywhere between 3-5 months behind HTC and Motorola.

    I can't imagine the odds are very good at all for anything past 2.2.

    What it take HTC/Motorola to deliver 2.2? Something like 2-3 months after it went final? Figure 2-3 months from now for other mfgs + add on the 3-5 month Samsung delay and I doubt they'll still be even thinking much about this phone 5-8 months from now.
  3. fangorious

    fangorious Guest

    Is 42 the answer?

    If the rumored Nexus Galaxy is a slight evolution of the same hardware in the Galaxy S, and it ships with Gingerbread, then it would pretty much be an intentional FFFFFUUUUUU to the owners of the Galaxy S to not have an update to Gingerbread. I think that would be the final straw for a lot of people buying Samsung 'supported' devices.
  4. howetechnical

    howetechnical Android Enthusiast

    I think Gingerbread will eventually make it's way to us, but it might take as long as Motorola has taken to get 2.1 to Cliq owners: it will be a year later than expected.
  5. SamsungVibrant

    SamsungVibrant Android Expert

    I honestly think we will not get Gingerbread. There are too many signs pointing in the wrong direction for us. Samsung is clearly going to release a newer and better Galaxy S, and they will leave us in the dark. I truly wanted to believe otherwise, since this phone was released world wide on every carrier, I thought support would be strong, but I have been proven wrong. I'm just going to get a new phone probably this upcoming summer, but for those people who don't have that option, it sucks that Samsung does this.
  6. XXSuntoucherxX

    XXSuntoucherxX Well-Known Member

    Warning - Conspiracy Theory Below​

    Ya know, I just thought of something else. When it comes to the latest and greatest updated on newer phones, has anyone thought it was a bit odd that the phones like the MT4G and G2 did get their updates quick without too many issues? Yet, every single update that's seen it's way from Samsung/T-mobile has caused issues on some level for people. Now, with all of the delays which I'm assuming is to do some serious quality control in order "to provide the best possible Android experience", how on earth can other mobile phone makers pull it off? Is HTC really that much more superior? How about Motorola? (Ok, frankly I think HTC is far more superior, but I'm still loving my old G1) I'm not bashing Samsung or T-mobile, (Today) but it's just weird to watch them do this over and over while the rest of the industry at least learns from its' mistakes.:rolleyes:
  7. VegasTouch

    VegasTouch Android Enthusiast

    Was at a T-Mobile store today checking out the MT4G. Both guys in the store who seemed to be really knowledgable with T-Mobile as far as how the company works , the way HSPA works and how they differ from other carriers said it wasnt a Samsung issue. They said it was a T-Mobile issue as to why we dont have it yet. Said they send out so many OTA's at a time as to not over work the servers and they were getting out the OTA for the Vibrant and are still sending out OTA's for 2.2 to other devices. Some phones that should be getting 2.2 are still not getting it yet compared to phones that are older and are getting it so it is the luck of the draw is pretty much what they are saying. But we WILL get it.

    But they made it clear that it isnt a Samsung issue. It is T-Mobiles. You could say that the other Galaxy S phones dont have it yet either and i cant speak for them. He just said TMo was the problem in this case.

    And to Samsung Vibrant, ...the poster...they said they arent hurting financially at all as you say they are. Said they spend their money more into their network and getting it better than the competitiors and dont advertise as much. That was a response into me asking why they dont advertise as much as the other carriers. It went much deeper than that but i dont want to write a novel.
  8. ParishL31

    ParishL31 Android Enthusiast

    I'd like to see our phones go past 2.2 but it's not going to happen. It's part of the business. They're in it to make money. If they keep upgrading the old Galaxy S when the new line is out, there is less incentive for customers to purchase the new ones. It won't destroy their company anyways if a few people get angry because they want support on old models forever, especially since they're just stepping into the high end phone sector and their TV sales will carry them even if their phone line fails.
  9. XXSuntoucherxX

    XXSuntoucherxX Well-Known Member

    I'll see your point and raise you one. While what you say is completely true, can't a lot be said for hardware advances? I mean personally, if it wasn't for the fact that the Vibrant had a 1ghz processor, I probably would have went with the G2 ultimately. (I know...... if's..... I also didn't know the G2 was even going to happen at the time.) As screens and processors improve, I would gather that the software would match. Ideally, it shouldn't be the other way around. This is where we're getting into issues, specifically with fragmentation. I mean, you have how many devices running how many different versions of Android because either the hardware cant make it work, or it's limited by a proprietary interface? (ie Touch Wiz) my best example of this is the Nexus 1. Here's a phone that has and will probably continue to support different versions of Android. Was the hardware ahead of it's time, or was the software? A year from now when people are rocking Android "Ice Cream" and it's on the Nexus 1, what will people that own the Samsung S?

    I can't wait to see what a dual processor is going to do!:eek:

    On an unrelated note, this reminds me, my signature is rapidly becoming dated.... I should fix it before next week.:D

  10. If what you posted was true....then you would have a really hard time explaining how of all things the mytouch3g got froyo 2.2 just weeks before the mytouch4g came out for sale?

    I know several people that have the mt3g and are pleased as punch they got 2.2 so much so now they have decided against upgrading to the mt4g!

    On a side note regarding the vibrant update...

    was at a T-Mobile store and asked when is 2.2 coming out...at first the guy "said it was out....already" when I informed him it wasn't out yet...he went over and conferred with someone...came back and said...

    "its supposed to be out after the new year...but thats what the rumor mill says and we don't confirm or deny those..." in other words he was a moron...

    As for keeping the vibrant updated its a fine piece of hardware and the "scene peeps" will keep this phone current even if t mobile or samsung wont!

    just my humble opinion :)
  11. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Android Expert

    Does Nexus One meet the minimum specs of Gingerbread? I remember that Galaxy S barely meets the minimum specs.
  12. XXSuntoucherxX

    XXSuntoucherxX Well-Known Member

    If I find the article I thought I read somewhere I'll edit this post, but, I could have sworn that Google was eliminating the minimum spec requirement after Froyo. I took that to mean that all the newer devices would be able to take advantage the new software. Again, I could have totally been drinking, but I'm sure I wasn't.
  13. XXSuntoucherxX

    XXSuntoucherxX Well-Known Member

    Ok, so while I wasn't drinking, I had a Bush moment and misremembered. The articles at Android Guys and as restated here on Phandroid only state that there are steep hardware requirements that curiously enough, the Samsung Vibrant meets, but thats another discussion for another post. If those articles are true, then I really don't see Google pushing out the next few updates to stronger hardware mainly because of their quest to close the fragmentation gap. Oh and the Nexus 1 specs put that phone either way ahead of it's time, or it was just a well designed piece of hardware. Oh, and while I'm on it, why on earth would Samsung be aloud to make the follow up phone for the Nexus?;)
  14. ParishL31

    ParishL31 Android Enthusiast

    I totally agree about how it's all hardware vs software. In my opinion I think hardware is more important, because without supporting hardware your software is useless.

    I have a myTouch3g that I upgraded from and was going to get the update to check it out. I just turned it on and realized how much hardware was an issue and why I left it. It wouldn't pick up the update automatically, not sure if the update hasn't rolled out to Colorado or if I just had to leave the phone on longer, but the hardware was such an issue I don't really care and won't even bother trying to get it on my myTouch because I know I'd rather have an outdated software Vibrant that's much quicker hardware wise. So just on my personal preference, hardware wins by a long shot to me, unless the software is excessively superior, not just a few minor tweaks that a 500mhz phone can't really out perform an outdated 1ghz phone.

    And granted that, the Vibrant hardware wise has the issue of battery life since the hardware is so extreme the battery can't keep up. That being said, I will hop back to HTC's devices once my upgrade is available, which hopefully the rumors of a dual core phone will be out by then since I still have until February. But definately a bright side to look forward to as HTC seems to have done it right with the G2 and myTouch4g.

    It'll be interesting where Samsung phones go as they are relatively new to the high end smart phone world. They definately made an impact with the Galaxy S series, they just need to improve and fix a few key things especially with the battery.
  15. aci78

    aci78 Well-Known Member

    I don't really care anymore either way. I'll install 2.2 when I can and after that I'll be looking for the latest and greatest. If I get a software upgrade past Froyo, great. If not, I still like this phone, and by then I'll be researching my next 2-year upgrade phone anyway.
  16. vud911

    vud911 Well-Known Member

    The official Froyo for Vibrant been leaked. Just about everything is working barring minor problems. Using it right now.
  17. XXSuntoucherxX

    XXSuntoucherxX Well-Known Member

    Historically, wasn't Samsung the ones that made larger cell batteries more cosmopolitan for just that reason? Too much phone, too little battery. Of course the phone would be a lot heavier and thicker, but I know there's been people out there that wouldn't care as long as they can use their phones longer.

    Battery, and OS support are the only things missing from the Galaxy S line. This is a huge improvement over the crappy hardware that Samsung has been known for for like the past 10 years. (When it comes to cell phones)
  18. XXSuntoucherxX

    XXSuntoucherxX Well-Known Member

    You know what, you're completely right. However I also want you to consider this....

    I'm just going to throw it out there and be bold. I'm willing to bet money that most people probably wouldn't care about Android OS releases if the apps that ran on them weren't dependent on them. Seriously, if everyone could get Angry Birds, Fandango, Kindle, and the New York Times on say Android Donut v1.5, would 2.1 or 2.2 matter? Sure there are performance and interface enhancements, but that IMHO is driven more by the hardware of the phone. (i.e. Aero on Windows) That said, the OS could be completely backwards compatible for hardware purposes. Or even better if the people at Google are truly about world domination, they could include compatibility mode within the OS. Now, you've solved 2 issues, no more fragmentation, and everybody can theoreticly run the same apps there by opening up the market. I'm sure there are some G1, BH2, and Cliq owners that would love to take advantage of some things on the market.

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