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Froyo's keyboard for the EVO 4G. Loving it.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by optikalillusi0n, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. optikalillusi0n

    Thread Starter

    So I just d/l the froyo keyboard for the Evo4g. I absolutely love it. I find it much better than the stock. I also have swype which I love as well, but.. I have to be in the mood for it, heh, if that even makes sense.

    I'm not sure if it's because of the evo's screen real estate, but it seems so smooth and accurate. Either way, I love it. Anybody else using it ?

    I'm sure rooted users already have it, but for those who are NOT rooted, it's a nice feature.

    I found it, by going to a website for the evo, which im sure you all have been on before. It's Good and EVO | Raising hell with the HTC EVO 4G for those who have not. Keyboard made available from xda-developers.

    Much thanks to HatTrick327 for showing me that site.

    Here's the page for the froyo keyboard for those who are interested in trying it out.

    Stock Froyo keyboard available for HTC EVO 4G

  2. NeoEVO

    NeoEVO Well-Known Member

    Hot dang - thanks.
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  3. evo_stunts

    evo_stunts Newbie

    who ever moniters this forum sucks donkey balls , they delete to many posts and threads for no reason
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  4. optikalillusi0n

    Thread Starter

    Actually, there has been technical issues with the forums recently. They are working hard to get things back to normal. It's not their fault.

    Check out the link below to read in more detail the changes, etc., if you want.

  5. redenfield

    redenfield Newbie

    Wow - this keyboard is even better than smart keyboard pro. Extremely accurate. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. optikalillusi0n

    Thread Starter

    No problemo man, I ended up liking it a lot.
  7. DirtyDozen

    DirtyDozen Newbie

    this is not working for me....I'm probably doing something wrong

    never mind I figured it out, I didn't do step 5 in the installation process
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  8. optikalillusi0n

    Thread Starter

    Nice, i'm glad ya got it figured out.
  9. karong

    karong Member

    Cant get it to install. Im trying to install via Gmail. i click install then it says "the application you are installing will replace another application" i click ok then install gain but gives me a error. says "application not installed" Do i need to delete something first before i install this?
  10. optikalillusi0n

    Thread Starter

    I'm not sure if this will help. But try transferring the .apk file to the sd card and using ASTRO file manager to install.
  11. Munnarg

    Munnarg Well-Known Member

    I saw an emoticon key on mine today and now it's gone. I can't seem to find anywhere in the options to get it back. Anyone know how I can?
  12. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor
    VIP Member

    I personally take offense to that, but being that the servers had a minor hiccup and was the cause of so many threads/posts being lost, I will let this outburst slide.
    But rest assured, the next time I once be so generous. If you have an issue with the way the forum is run, then address the staff via pm or post in the Suggestions section.
    I also suggest to read the User Guidelines that you agreed to while signing up.

    TS out
  13. Munnarg

    Munnarg Well-Known Member

    Nevermind, I noticed it only comes up in Google Talk.
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  14. karong

    karong Member

    I give up trying to install this thing. Wont let me install from the SD card or Gmail
  15. HDMan72

    HDMan72 Newbie

    I just installed using ASTRO File and it worked great! Thanks for tip!
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  16. karong

    karong Member

    Ok i figured it out now. I had to uninstall my Droid X KB first then this one installed.
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  17. redenfield

    redenfield Newbie

    I have tried virtually every keyboard out there:

    Droid X - ehhhhh
    Smart Keyboard Pro - 2nd favorite
    Swiftkey Beta - not a fan
    Better Keyboard - liked stock better
    Swype - couldn't make the adjustment
    Thick Buttons - nope

    In my opinion this is by far the most accurate and user friendly. The two extra rows of punctuation keys and numbers are easy to access and extremely quick with a little practice.

    Thanks again to optikalillusi0n for the post...
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  18. Connectz

    Connectz Android Enthusiast

    I tried it and it is nice! I still prefer Swype but could see myself using this often as well... One thing that bugs me about swype is if I type a word wrong, the process of correcting it is longer than just hitting the delete button...
  19. optikalillusi0n

    Thread Starter

    I'm glad ya'll got it working. I really do like this keyboard, it's smoother feeling and more accurate, at least i think so. Cheers everyone.
  20. evo_stunts

    evo_stunts Newbie

    lol dont take everything so personal , i had some things unposted , and was thinking YOU did it because i was black ???? lmoa just playing , calm , calm ... it will be ok
  21. disdude415

    disdude415 Lurker

    I just installed the .apk file using Astro on my Evo and its not working. I went to menu>settings>language and keyboard> and checked Android Keyboard. I still get the same old keyboard when I try to type something =[. Anyone else having a problem or know what im doing wrong?
  22. optikalillusi0n

    Thread Starter

    If the android keyboard is checked, exit the settings page. Then open up the text message app on the phone, long press in the body of the message where you usually type your messages, a prompt will come up, pick the new keyboard.
  23. overclock

    overclock Well-Known Member

    I liked it but I wish it had the arrow buttons like the stock keyboard.
  24. disdude415

    disdude415 Lurker

    Im in the text message app and what do you mean by "long press in the body of the message where you usually type your messages, a prompt will come up, pick the new keyboard."?
  25. disdude415

    disdude415 Lurker

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