Root Frustrated, Confused and sad..


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Ok, So I've been rooted for awhile. And feel I have been unable to take full advantage of being rooted...I've been barely able to understand all the lingo tied into the process..I've tried a handful of different roms, And have tried to do everything the proper way. I backup, Clear out and install from a clean phone, And yet, I always seem to have problems. Be it boot loops, Data not working and most frequently my gps never working with most roms..I've recently encountered a couple of new issues. One being that app's and programs have randomly begun to disappear or be uninstalled, My most recent victim has been "flash"..It was just gone today..When I went to reinstall it, It wouldn't download it at all..I've also begun to experience random ad's, app's and banners being placed on my home screen..Which is very very annoying!..Is this some new tactic being used by app developers now?...

Anyway, I almost feel that rooting has been more of a hassle then it's worth. And until I can fully utilize the capability of being rooted I feel I'm going to continue to have frustrations....Sadly, I'm scared to attempt to unroot my phone..So is there anyone that can suggest a reliable, stable and fully functional rom to try?....I've tried going through the list of roms in the forum, And it seems every single one has some issue or another.. Data not working, gps not working, something or another not working!...I'm sorry guys, I'm just very frustrated right now. And any help would truly be appreciated!


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I guess rooting is a wonderful thing if you know what you are doing and why you're doing it.
Myself, I can't seem to really catch on. And in these forums so many people have so many problems...
My phone works awesome, flawlessly, the way it is. I'm like, if it ain't broken, don't fix it.
You couldn't pay me to try to root this one (Galaxy SII)(unless you were paying me enough to replace it when I brick it).
But like I said, I just don't get it.
(Like ICS. I'll be here soon, but I don't know if I really want it, with all the bugs and problems I read about).


First ask why root. Then is the trouble rooting worth your time. What do you want to do. Tons of youtube vids of roms, same goes with people build computers why. I get ask all the time what pc to get, i ask what do you want to do. Just face book pictures, music. I tell them to get a ipad., thats all they want they can't see past what a pc or android can do. Its sounds like your not a tinkerer. If you are then take some time, spend a few hours aday just reading forums and watching vids. In the end what is your goal. Or you got a lemon.


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i would highly suggest jrockers rooted stock 2.11.605.9 rom:

it has some tweaks that make it better than stock,but you will not have any issue that you wouldnt also have with a 100% stock phone. it has root access so you can use root apps that need it.

flash it ans enjoy a stock experiernce for awhile. :)

gps can be made better by using the gps status app. it has a toolbox that will let you download agps data. do that and let it lock on several satelites outside and any apps that use gps should work a lot better.