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FS or Trade Droid Eris + extras. Clean ESN

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by sandman_nyc_316, May 25, 2011.

  1. sandman_nyc_316

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    Looking to sell or trade a rooted Droid Eris w/accessories. Clean ESN. Can be flashed to Metro. No scratches on the screen. The phone comes with a Seidio Innocase shell/holster combo, regular battery, extended battery (1750), 2 screen protectors and 8GB SD card. It does not come with a charger but you can get one cheap at Walmart, Target or any phone store. Would like to trade all for a used 1st gen iTouch or maybe a used Droid 1 or 2 (must provide clean ESN number). but am open to any offers!

  2. sandman_nyc_316

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  3. nlsme

    nlsme Android Expert

    How much you looking to get?
  4. sandman_nyc_316

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    PM sent
  5. sandman_nyc_316

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    Updated original post with trade options. Just throwing a few options out there. ;)

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