Help Full Device Backup?


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I came from the iPhone world where iTunes would do a full backup and recovery basically automagically if I had to wipe my phone for whatever reason.

Is there an app or tool that will bring my DroidX back to the state it's in now, basically fully if I were do a wipe/hard reset. I am planning on doing some testing and screenshots for Android support for my employer and while this is my personally owned phone, I expense the service back to them.

Any recommendations for full backup Sw?


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Good program. You can set it to do a backup each night to your SD card or their online servers. Backs up whatever you want, including apps that are not "protected". IF you get a new phone you can re-download the apps from the marketplace. I am getting a spare 16gb card and making a copy to have in case I lose my phone. When I would get the replacement phone, I can just put the backup SD card in and do a restore with the program.


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...and TitaniumBackup does it just do apps? I'd like to backup my Device Settings, Home Page setup's, my EMail settings, etc... basically a full device "image" that I can put back on and get to a current state if I wipe (like I did with iPhone)