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Full-featured calendar/reminder/organizer/whatever app.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Solf, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Solf

    Solf New Member
    Thread Starter

    Jan 17, 2010

    I've recently got my hands on HTC Hero which happens to be my first smart phone ever (I was using the ancient Siemens M65 for a long time before that).

    And I'm currently trying to find a way to at least replicate (I'm not hoping for improving anymore) the organizer functionality I had on my Siemens M65.

    I've tried Googling, I've downloaded lots of various suggested apps, but I'm still coming up short.

    So I'll try listing things that I'd *really* like to have in an organizer app and perhaps someone could point me in the right direction.

    Of note is that I use organizer simply as a reminder engine. I don't plan my days on it, so I could care less for 'event duration', 'finding free time', and such functionality. I just want to have good reminder functionality.

    Features I'm looking for:

    * Selectable snooze period when reminder goes off -- e.g. on my old Siemens I could choose between 5/15/60 minutes and 1 day. This seems to be sorely lacking in most (all?) applications I've checked.

    * Easily selectable reminder date & time. Lots of applications seem to use that date/time picker that only has + and - buttons for choosing month/date/hour/minute -- this seems to border on unusable for me. Although if application is otherwise perfect, I can overlook that :)

    * Notification (via widget or notification area or some such) when I have upcoming reminders today (or maybe today and tomorrow similar to HTC's small calendar widget). Smooth Calendar seems to be a good choice for standard Calendar app, but Calendar app itself is not ideal :(

    * List of all reminders I have scheduled. This is something that seems to be absent from default Calendar app.

    * Notification about reminders I've missed. Very desirable something that can be seen without waking up a phone (I think it is not impossible for application to blink one of the LEDs in case there's missed reminder). Definitely something that can be seem on home screen. I didn't test default Calendar app extensively in this respect, but it seems to do not display anything at all if you have missed reminder (although it seems to repeat the alarm after 5 minutes or so).

    * Repeatable reminders would be nice to have, but it is probably least important item for me.

    Hopefully someone can help me find an appropriate app and thanks in advance for your help :)

    P.S. In theory I'm even prepared to pay for a 'good' app, but paid apps are not available from Market in my country, so I'll be able to pay only if there are other payment methods. Or if I ever root the phone...


  2. cranky_dan

    cranky_dan Well-Known Member

    Nov 6, 2009
    TV Production Mgr
    I, too, am one of the 'spoiled by another device' breed. I come from Palm, and could choose from a tremendous selection of options and implementations.

    Not so here. The choices are extremely limited, but are getting better everyday. (Attention developers: fabulous calendar system needed)

    I use gmail calendars and Pure Grid Calendar widget. Gmail calendars will sync with Outlook calendars, and Pure Grid will display them nicely.

    Gmail calendars does NOT let you color-code events, much to the chagrin of it's many users (ARE YOU LISTENING, GOOGLE?), but will let you set reminders. The list of things it won't do is pretty huge.

    At best, it's a bandage on a workaround, and it can just barely fill the gap, but there it is.

    If you ask me, we need an Agendus for Android.

    But that's just my 2
  3. I have a new HTC Incredible on order. I too have been spoiled by another organizer.

    One of the big reasons that I am switching phones was because my Windows Mobile calendar messed up the times (shifted things an hour off) and totally messed up my entire calendar. I cannot afford to have any calendar issues, so I need a ROCK SOLID calendar that is stable, synchs well, integrates well, allows for recurring inputs, and has nice month, week, and daily views.

    Most threads about calendar apps were started several months ago, so I was wondering what the latest developments and updates to these apps and widgets might have done to your evaluation of them. Personally, I would love to get in on the public beta of PI when it announced. I have used Pocket Informant and Agenda Fusion on my Windows Mobile devices before. I have never used CalenGoo, but something like that would be wonderful, too.

    What is the latest and greatest you have found regarding the DINC and:

    Jorte App vs Calendar Pad Pro App vs iRT Calendar App vs Gemini App vs Hubkap Mobile App


    aniAgenda Widget vs Pure Calendar Grid Widget vs Pure Caledar Agenda Widget vs Androidlet Calendar Widget

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  4. Zacharyah

    Zacharyah New Member

    Aug 25, 2010
    I actually used to have an HTC Fuze, which had an incredible calendar/organizer that had a feature I really miss: the ability to set really specific repeat patterns. It made inputting my class and work schedule really easy because I could specify which days of the week to repeat on and for how long. Now I have the Hero, and while I really love the phone, the calendar isn't nearly as great, so I'd be plenty interested if anyone knows of a calendar app that has those features
  5. braj

    braj Well-Known Member

    Aug 7, 2010
    I am using Gemini Calendar to replace the calendar app, you can set multiple alarms per event and much more flexible repeats, and Nudnik alarms which gives repeating and snoozing, as well as showing alarms scheduled for the next week. Neither are perfect, Nudnik is a bit confusing when trying to snooze alarms and may just be buggy, but at least I don't miss anything and I do have a list of upcoming alarms.

    I also just got Pure Calendar to get a clear display of tasks from gTasks and the Calendar DB. All said and done using these three apps seems like a big improvement to me. Gemini is free, Nudnik has a free version and Pure Calendar was under $2.
  6. staffsmatt

    staffsmatt Well-Known Member

    Jun 7, 2010
    I'm currently using the default calendar (you can add a widget to a home screen to show in agenda view which shows all of your upcoming reminders) combined with nudnik (sic) which available from the market either free or paid (paid has more functionality).

    What nudnik does is read tasks from the calendar and then display a popup (if you want) at the time as well as flash the led / play a sound etc... You can also set a snooze (although this is wiped if you turn your phone off after setting but before it is due to go off).

    The developer is VERY helpful and has gotten back to me really quickly if I have ever had problems.

    Note to HTC Legend users: If you turn off the notifications in the standard app you need to press menu > add reminder when setting up new reminders on your calendar.

    Disclaimer: I'm nothing to do with the app or developer just a very happy customer :)

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