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*Full ICS Rom* Developers & Community Review

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DwayneE75, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. DwayneE75

    DwayneE75 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Ok to all developers i want to make a full ics rom, i found the codes to even change the setting menu to look like Ics. Pm Me.

    Also People who maybe reading this would you like a ics rom ?

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  2. yes please!:d
  3. DwayneE75

    DwayneE75 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I will start development on this tomorrow. Give me time to get this together and i hope some of the developers help me with this to. Ics has a smooth nice looking UI and thats what some people are mainly looking for, will keep you and everyone else up to date on how everything goes.

    Thanks for you support
  4. Boraichee

    Boraichee Android Enthusiast

    Are you building from aosp source?

    KUSHWRECK Well-Known Member

    That's Whats up!
  6. L0rdWaffles

    L0rdWaffles Member

    You have a nice goal. But i would suggest you actually look into what goes into building ICS from source, especially for an unsupported device. Now doing a theme is completely different, and I'm sure there are more than enough people here willing to help you with that.

    If a developer who has built an aosp rom would care to give me a few *pointers on what is needed to port ICS to our device. ie, creating the device profile needed to build an aosp rom... I have no idea where to start for something that. I'm a semi-novice c++ programmer and lack experience with this sort thing. Even just some advice on doing it for a gingerbread aosp rom would help.

    Now that that's out of the way, and I mean to disrespect by this but. Do you really feel you need to style(fonts, colors, bolds) all of your posts? The rules on forum etiquette seem pretty lax here but it can still be a bit annoying to some other users.

  7. DwayneE75

    DwayneE75 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Everyone knows that our phone is not compatible with ics, All im trying to do is create a rom that is full ics as i can such as ( boot, launcher, framework.apk, setting.apk, phone.apk, messaging, a ics settings look, animation, keyboard, notification sounds etc). what im saying is even though our phone was not made for ics that this will be just like it.

    i style my words and make them bigger when im trying to make a point or if i feel that something is important.
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  8. DwayneE75

    DwayneE75 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Pm Me
  9. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Extreme Android User

    cm src and miui patch are on github ;)
  10. I think you mean an ICS-styled ROM. Cyanogenmod 9 won't even fit on our /system partition without MTD support in the kernel, so if you're going to try going that route, you've got quite the uphill battle ahead of you.
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  11. Jdgui

    Jdgui Well-Known Member

  12. RetroDelete

    RetroDelete Android Enthusiast

    I can sense a GingerCream Sandwhich ROM coming along. Why not do a kang? LOL, or take a Kang from the Prevail (With Permission of course, sorta).
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  13. genovdot

    genovdot Android Expert

    Please tell me what a kang is? Lol
  14. Boraichee

    Boraichee Android Enthusiast

    Hes right. Ive tryed kanging for cm9 roms back when i kanged that cm7 rom from the ascend. Id get error 0 in cwm everytime there would be no room.
  15. Boraichee

    Boraichee Android Enthusiast

    "Porting" or "stealing" for an already made rom. Copy and pasting needed files from stock rom to any givin rom so that it will boot.
  16. I got CM9 booting. Graphics are all kinds of funky though. Small touchscreen issues as well.
  17. Boraichee

    Boraichee Android Enthusiast

    Hey req i pmed you. Is your repo up to date?
  18. The CM7 repo is sorta up to date. I been messing with CM9 all morning though. There's all kinds of stuff you need to do by hand to get CM7 working like the betas though.
  19. genovdot

    genovdot Android Expert

    Ooohhhhh lol
  20. Think "gank", but backwards. It's basically taking somebody else's work in whatever form, and dropping it into your stuff, and calling it your own without giving proper credit.

    Something a lot of people are guilty of...
  21. SamsungAdmire

    SamsungAdmire Android Expert

  22. RaverX3X

    RaverX3X Well-Known Member

    in other words 7z hero skills :p...
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  23. RaverX3X

    RaverX3X Well-Known Member

    this i can personally test to from us getting mtd on the sgs4g its a very uphill battle. Be prepaired to brick a few devices in the process.
  24. I got ICS booting without MTD. I still want to get MTD going eventually for this phone.
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  25. Boraichee

    Boraichee Android Enthusiast

    One thing to keep in mind is with alot of devices kanging is the only way anything gets done so its not a waste of time. Im guilty of this but i try to give credit most of the time if i forget someone thats another story. So what do you mean by hand? Im trying to build your source with alittle of my own tweaks to run miui better and at the same time help fine tune your device profile. Damn ubuntu 11.10 is giving me all sorts java errors. Shoulda never updated lol.
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