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Full Remote Access to Home - File sharing, etc

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by spyder, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. spyder

    spyder Well-Known Member
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    NOTE: You will find the same post over on the other forum (prepaid....), but I'm a little more at home here, so here it is.

    I have been working for a month on setting up a VPN that I can hit with with phone and get files. I'm not giving up, but have had alot of problems using it with the phone, etc.

    There are LOTS of softwares out there that claim to get you to link to home, this is BY FAR the best. BUT - IT is intended to have a PC as the client, so when using your phone to access, or get files, obviously there will be problems (BUT, I have work-arounds for most):

    NOTE: THIS IS FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO ACCESS THEIR HOME PC, SHARE FILES, ETC. But may be having trouble with VPN, or whatever, the software you use and I list is windows based, I'm not sure if it is available on Linux, but if you want, I can check into it:

    Here we go:
    I recently have been trying to set up a VPN (OPENVPN for now), as I just got a 1TB drive at home (NOT USB, it's on the home network). I wanted to access files from home, etc. Well, the VPN isn't "Hard" but I have been having a mountain of trouble getting things off the ground. So for now I went with this:
    Geek to Live: Create your own virtual private network with Hamachi - Lifehacker

    Install this onto your home computer (this is the windows version, when you go to the page, be sure to select the "FREE" version, paid is only for giving support, etc)
    VERY self explanitory, BUT, I put it as a guide as there are bumps in the road to use the phone as a client and I thought I would save you folks the time of finding the "Work arounds"
    Basically, after installation:
    1. Open your browser on the phone, go to www.logmein.com and log in w/ user/p/w.
    2. You will see your computer, click it. To "Connect" it will ask for a "Code word" that you establish during setup
    3. Enter the "Code Word"
    THAT SIMPLE. Now, on the left is a full set of things to do. Hit "Remote Control" and your home PC screen will come up.(You may see "Remote Control earlier in the process, as soon as it 'connects' to your PC)

    NOW, HERE IS THE GOOFY/Problematic PART:
    * For file sharing(What Many of us want) - it handles it like this: It will NOT just let you pick a file and grab it. You select a file, enter an email address, a link is then sent to the email to "Grab the file" (regardless of size limits of the email, it is tunneling thru that, so just like a VPN setup).
    1. You can easily pick the file, click open, etc. BUT (Go down by the clock, click the icon, or the up arrow to find the icon, click "share a file")
    2. You need to enter an email address into the text box - The Android DOES NOT recognize this text box, and you don't get the keyboard, if you do and type, it will go into the web address area, making it impossible to send the file (Unless they are in your contacts and you can do it by button presses), BUT many other things require entry into text boxes that the phone does not know are text boxes.

    Again: Text Boxes on the remote (Host) PC -- Totally NOT recognized as "Text Boxes" on your phone, so again, you can click it, BUT if you do bring up the keyboard (good luck)....the text you type goes into the web address location area. SO - MOVING ON TO THE WORK AROUND (Simple but took me forever to think)

    Well, it came to me as I lay and watch a movie. I just open the WINDOWS VIRTUAL (ON-SCREEN) Keyboard. Either a shortcut you make OR:
    * Start ------> Programs ------> Accessories -------> Ease of Access --------> On screen keyboard.
    That keyboard then pops up on the screen, you see it via the remote control, tab to the box, type in the address with the on screen keyboard.

    *NOTE: You need a little patience on 3G (Wi-Fi not so bad), BUT after the entry of each letter (EVERY LETTER), the screen refreshes, so be patient, let it do it.

    Send it to your Androids Gmail, or whatever on your phone. You get the mail right away. As I said the link is a "Tunnel" to the file, safe and secure (not counting against any email size restrictions)

    So there you go.

    ANYBODY Wanting remote control of home, forgot to bring a file, Just want to play around. THIS IS THE BEST OPTION I HAVE FOUND. I have been working on my OPENVPN for a month, I did not give up, just satisfying myself in the meantime.
    This software is Excellent. Remote control flawless. As if you are sitting there. Print, do ANYTHING.

    That "on screen" keyboard, will solve all your problems, was the big breakthru workaround.

    NOW: I have yet to really NEED to "RIGHT CLICK" OR "DOUBLE CLICK"
    Both could be problems using the phone. I know you can set windows to open icons or whatever with a single click. IF you do aot of that, just make that setting, that way you can open things.

    OR-Just Programs, Computer, and work your way thru with single clicks.

    Good Luck....EXCELLENT Remote....Get files, even run the printer, whatever. PLUS several options I have not even got to yet.
    It really is "Made" to have a PC as the client, so just be open minded if you hit a glitch, email me, maybe I have a work around already?
    Take care and have a great day.....

    BTW: This thing is called " LogMeIn" and that is where you tell your phonebrowser to go: www.logmein.com there you go.

    As I said there are a million of these types of things, but as far as VPN's, this is clearly as close as it gets, and if you look on the left side of the phone screen, you will see many many options.


    Best regards,

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  2. kevinrubio

    kevinrubio Android Expert

    is it sorta like dropbox?
  3. BlastGT1

    BlastGT1 Android Enthusiast

    I used Hamachi several years ago along with some other friends from the Net, didn't realize they now had a way to use it for Android. Nice post!

    @kevinrubio: Hamachi is more or less a way to network remote computers together as if they were on the same network. Not the most efficient thing in the world, but definitely unique and a fair bit cool. You can designate files to share with other users who you link with, and nobody outside is able to get into this share.
  4. spyder

    spyder Well-Known Member
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    HI Blast...Just wanted to say...Be a little careful. "They" DON"T really have a way to integrate to Android. I just did it...lol. There are alot of hiccups but easily worked around.

    The biggest is that whenever it expects you to type into a txt box, Android does not recognize it as a txt box, and won't let you type into in. Thats where bringing up the Windows onscreen Keyboard comes into play.

    Also, for "Double clicking" to open folders, etc. if you want, you can easily set Windows to allow a single click to open these things, so IF you use that and need to navigate the file system alot, just make that setting. and your good.

    The ONLY work-around I don't have is the "Right click" BUT I havn't run into anything that I needed to do it for.

    So, for the record, it still "Thinks" that the client is a PC not the android, but since it's thru the browser, it dosn't know the difference.

    OH....ONE OTHER THING. There is an option to "Chat" with the home PC, you CANNOT do that, because it requires JAVA Runtime, and you can't get that on the Android, can you????

    Otherwise...THANK YOU FOR THE INPUT...
  5. I use upload services, like a Filejam and not have a problems. This way works only with internet connection

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