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Tips Full screen browsing with Dolphin and stock

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Cobravision, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Cobravision

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    Jul 8, 2010

    Jul 8, 2010
    Since the Evo has such a huge screen, I originally set my browser font size to tiny, figuring I'd get more text and would have to scroll less. This was true, but the scrolling was offset by the constant zooming in to make the page readable. Which is when it hit me -- why am I zooming the page in the first place?

    So I set the text size to huge, and voila! I don't have to zoom into the page anymore because the zoomed out view is perfectly readable. And now that I can see the entire page, I don't have to move the screen from side to side if I want to see who posted what in the forums. As it turned out, scrolling isn't a big deal since that can be done one handed. Zooming is a bigger PITA for me. Now I can surf one-handed again, zooming in only occasionally if there are multiple tiny links next to each other. Coupled with Dolphin's gestures controls, I fly through web pages. There are some pages here and there that get a little jacked looking because of the huge font, but it hasn't affected readability for me in the slightest.

    Full screen, one-handed browsing in portrait mode. It's the first time I've had the pleasure on a mobile device. That's what she said.

    This works for Dolphin and should work for stock as well.


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