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Function problems or me?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kryptonyt, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. kryptonyt

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    Several times a call came in on my EVO 4G and for some reason whether i take the call or decline it i wind up calling the number back almost immediately ( not what i want to do ) In one case i just sat down to dinner with a friend at a restaurant and my GF called. i have no idea exactly what happened because sometimes the calls says "CALL" "DECLINE" and sometimes it says "CALL" "END" i've been thinking that one has to do when a second call comes in and i am on another call but it might be some other reason.
    In any event i thought that i ended or declined the call from her and put the phone on the bench that i was sitting on. She told me that i answered the phone and she listened to the conversation until she hung up. At that time i noticed the phone on the bench lit up again.
    The screen goes off after a few seconds if it is not against my face. ( speaker option )

    Over the last couple days i somehow i have automatically called back the people that i call or they call me.

    Do i need to immediately hit the home button after a call or the on/off button to avoid this?

    Then yesterday a call came in immediately after hanging up on a call. The phone was in my pocket and when i picked it up it clearly said Call DECLINE. i wanted to take the call and kept on pressing CALL but it wouldn't pick up and rolled to voice. i then immediately called back and after the call i made a note to END call then go back to HOME.

    Is there something wrong with my phone or does it have a hair trigger and/or i'm just not closing out properly?:thinking:

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