Functionality when you BYOD

Tyler Hauf

Can anyone tell me what functionality is lost when you bring your own device to Boost, rather than by a Boost branded phone? I have no desire to jailbreak or do any extra backdoor programing. So basically, I'm talking about right after I get the device activated at a Boost store. One feature I'm curious about is the mobile hotspot since the new plans allow you to use it as part of the plan. Any limitations with any of the other features? I'll probably go with a Samsung S5. Thank you for any help you can provide!


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They (Boost) only allow specific Sprint phones. So you get the same functionality as a Boost device.

You cant use the SprintZone app that is on your phone, but you can download the Boostzone app, or just use the website.


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Added a Sprint S4 to Boost. All the Sprint apps were automatically replaced with Boost apps after the first restart. Even the boot up animation. Basically just call Boost and they'll walk you through the steps in less than 10 minutes. Don't have the phone with me so don't know if the hotspot works. Other than that, functionality is exactly the same as a Boost branded phone.