Dec 22, 2012
hey i was hoping for some help i have got my kids a android fusion 5 tablet and i downloaded now 83 from the apps site but it will not play its saying i need ios version 4 ?? what is this and how do i get the tablet to play the music ??:thinking:
Hello Tiffts and welcome to Android Forums. I could not find a discussion/support area here specifically for your new Fusion 5 tablet. It must be pretty new on the market. In searching the web I see that your tablet comes with version 4 or Ice Cream Sandwich. I'm not familiar with your tablet or the app you are talking about.
It looks like you should be good to go. You might try using a different music player. There are many to be had at the play store. Perhaps another player will will be the ticket. If you still have problems playing music, we have a general Android discussion area where someone familiar with your tablet might have some useful information. That area can be found by following the link below. Just state your problem as above in that area. Best of luck to you and I hope you enjoy these forums.
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