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Fyi...no need to buy a 4g phone before july 7th

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jikhead, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. jikhead

    jikhead Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys, I just spoke with my brother who took his webinar training w/Verizon on the tiered data plan changes. He knew I was looking for wording about existing customers going from 3G to 4G. He confirmed with me that in his webinar, that it did specifically say that existing 3G customers that purchase a 4G phone AFTER July 7th, would still be grandfathered in on the unlimited data packages.

    So no need to rush out on the 6th (like I was going to do) to purchase either the Thunderbolt, Revolution, or Charge. We can now wait on the Bionic.

    I did ask him to send me a screenshot for proof to everyone on the boards, but he told me no because he's chicken S#%t and scared to do that kind of thing. So, we'll have to take my brother's street creds on this one.

    He also wanted to tell me a data fact pointed out in his training: that said 96% of 3G customers use less than 2GB of data...and that 91% of 4G customers are using less than 2GB of data.


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  2. Jman42028

    Jman42028 Well-Known Member

    yeah I posted this in another thread already. I would take a SS but I'm at work right now and don't have the ability to blur out the things that need to be blurred. I'll put one on my phone and edit it when I get home and try to post it then.
  3. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Good to know. I figure they may change this eventually but sounds good for now at least.
  4. pirate943

    pirate943 Well-Known Member

    i believe it! but ever since i've been able to stream netflix at the gym, im hitting WAY above that mark.
  5. ACD168

    ACD168 Android Expert

    more and more places have wifi nowadays, every once in a while i'll check and a place I'd NEVER expect wifi, is there, have u checked for wifi, that would be faster than 3g, save battery and data usage.
  6. AftermathLK

    AftermathLK Newbie

    Why are you streaming netflix at the gym?
  7. drdoom

    drdoom Android Expert

    Maybe he uses the treadmill or a stationary bicycle for his workout...
  8. JoePT

    JoePT Well-Known Member

    LOL--that's like people who read and 'work out' at the same time. Do one or the other.
  9. Jman42028

    Jman42028 Well-Known Member

    unlikely honestly. I upgrade people on a daily basis that still have 6 or 7 year old alltel plans (which are killer btw) and it never asks me to change the plan or anything about it. I doubt that vzw would for you to change the data thing, in the month + since the changeover I have seen nothing that would make me think vzw is gonna make you change it.
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  10. FramCire

    FramCire Android Expert

    I'm on an Alltel plan. They have allowed me to keep it.
  11. Jman42028

    Jman42028 Well-Known Member

    my point exactly :)

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