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FYI: Sprint offering $50 account credit with 2-year renewals.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Android 17, May 24, 2010.

  1. Android 17

    Android 17 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    This does not require anything shady or idle threats. I was able to talk to a customer care representative and all I had to do was bring up a current offer Sprint has, in which if you renew your 2-year plan, you will get a $50 credit applied to your account.

    My original end contract date was 9/01/2010, so you may have to be within a few months of your contract ending to qualify.

    I repeatedly verified with the rep that the your upgrade eligibility is NOT affected by the renewal, you will still keep the $150 credit for all of us whom may have it.

    I have checked my personal account several times and my upgrade eligibility remains unchanged.

    Just thought I'd bring it up to you guys whom will have to renew when you purchase the EVO anyway.

    Hope it works for some of you! Helps offset the $10 charge for 5 months at least :)

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  2. SMC333

    SMC333 Newbie

    Will this apply if you renew at bestbuy?
  3. GeneralPatton

    GeneralPatton Well-Known Member

    You know, I don't know how I did it but while on the phone with a Sprint Rep talking about my upgrade eligibility a month back, he said I was eligible for a $70 credit on each of my phones for renewing to a 2 year contract so I got a $210 credit on my account. It was a free month, and then some. Because the 4th phone already had upgraded to the HTC Hero (My phone), that didn't get the credit, but because I am re-eligible, I may call back and see if I am able to get some credit again for that line. :D
  4. Bic101

    Bic101 Member

    I was also told that there might be a renewal bonus if I purchased over the phone from Sprint rather than BB or RS. One person said it could be anything from 25% off accessories, to a free accessory, to a $70 renewal credit. But with the free activation and no postage/handling charge, it will at least beat the bonuses given out by BB and RS. The downside: you won't have it June 4 and you have to wait for the $100 rebate.
  5. L8AGIN

    L8AGIN Well-Known Member

    I've been getting $70 credit per renewal since last year. Just renewed another line this month for $70. I wonder why some are getting $50 and other $70?
  6. stroths

    stroths Well-Known Member

    Your 2 year contract renewal and upgrade eligibility are not necessarily locked together. When you take the $70 (or $50) credit, you are renewing your contract. Your phone upgrade eligibility is untouched.

    A few months back, I got a $20/mo off for 24 months which re-upped me for 2 years. However, my $150 upgrade credit is untouched.
  7. bensf

    bensf Lurker

    Account services offered the option of $50 credit or $10/month credit for 24 months for the main line for a 2 year re-newel. They offered $50 credit for my additional lines but the $10/month is not an option on those lines. The agent indicated that the $75 credit and $20/month offers had expired.
  8. R1_Rydah

    R1_Rydah Well-Known Member

    I have been getting this offer via email, not sure why some people are offered $50, and others $70

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  9. marctronixx


    yep i called in to swap my old 6600 on the hero line and the lady said i could qualify for the 70 dollar credit.. i declined though...
  10. tracerit

    tracerit Android Enthusiast

    why did you decline? didn't want to renew the contract?
  11. ctpoore413

    ctpoore413 Newbie

    Just got the $70.00 credit. They originally said I would have to wait 6 months for my upgrade, but I told them my BB was on its last leg. He put a note on my account, and low and behold, I am still upgrade eligible!
  12. senormatt

    senormatt Well-Known Member

    let us clarify, so they issue the credit in advance and don't require you to renew the contract right then? what happens if you don't end up extending the 2yr contract?
  13. L8AGIN

    L8AGIN Well-Known Member

    They issue the credit but then you are locked in for 2 more years starting that day. I checked the same day on sprint's website and saw my contract had been renewed for 2 more years, so yeah, they're on top of that.
  14. ctpoore413

    ctpoore413 Newbie

    Your locked in as of the day you get it, but the customer service rep told me I would need to wait an additional 6 months for my upgrade.
  15. marctronixx


    yep this is why i didnt want to renew... 70 bux is not worth extending that line.. im not going to leave sprint mind you... but next year who knows what will be out.. i want to jump thru less hoops when the next phone comes out.. :D

  16. L8AGIN

    L8AGIN Well-Known Member

    I'm with you, i'm prolly not going to leave sprint because their plans are the cheapest and the fact that i can still upgrade my device every year, even though my contract is for 2 years.
  17. Jordus

    Jordus Android Enthusiast

    I think the days of sprint having the worst phones on the market are over. They might not consistently have THE phone, but I think going forward they will be a serious contender for great phones.

    They will see too much profit from the Evo to not continue the trend.
  18. Soup

    Soup Newbie

    Question...I have a family plan with 2 lines that are both eligible for an upgrade. Is it possible to do the following without incurring any early termination fees, etc. Upgrade on one line to the Evo, immediately switch the phone over to line 2. A year later, cancel line 2, and then drop the remaining line to an individual plan? Are the lines separate contracts?

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