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G-Backup: SMS, MMS, Call Log, Pics, Video

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by iPhone2Droid, Dec 29, 2009.

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    (Droid 2.0.1)

    I use certain logs as memory triggers, as well as billable aides, for work-related purposes. So, whether Palm Treo, Blackberry, iPhone or now, Droid, I always hunt for a way to get my call log onto my desktop. Preferably, in an easy hands-off manner. After repeated searching in the Market over a period of weeks, I recently hit paydirt. For me, this is the best solution I've ever seen, across all platforms.

    G-backup - Screenshots
    G-backup - Frequently Asked Questions

    The app = G-Backup. I was immediately impressed when the market link actually took me to a site telling me details about the app. (Y'all know how rare that is.) Operationally, you choose SMS, MMS, Call Log, Pictures and/or Videos. The app will backup whatever you select to your gmail account, placing the items, by category, into the directories you dictate during set-up. Example: I instructed the app to create this configuration:
    - Droid/bSMS
    - Droid/bMMS
    - Droid/bCalls
    - Droid/bPics
    - Droid/bVideos
    Since I keep other items in the Droid directory via other folders, the "b" keeps all the backup items together in the listing.

    There are also multiple options for backup, such as WiFi only, manually, immediately and more. Once it transfers to gmail, everything you wanna see appears in the subject lines, so scrolling yields a bonanza of info. Inside a "call" message, you'll find the length of that particular call. Inside SMS/MMS items, you'll find everything which transpired during that communication. For pictures, the subject line takes the format of: "Picture on 27 Dec 2009", with the pic/video attached to the email.

    In short, the thing works like a charm. And, the developer is a sweetheart. Before I had my coffee, I sent a question, which I later realized was beyond stupid. :eek: But he responded, quickly and politely.

    Bottom-line: MyBackup Pro is tops (IMHO) for auto-backups to the SD card, and restores. But, for just ensuring a complete communications history, as well as safeguarding pictures/videos, all easily accessible from the cloud, this one wins my heart. Yes, Google Voice offers an in-the-cloud solution for SMS and call logs, but GV doesn't always connect. That coerces me into using the carrier's system. Using G-Backup, ALL of it appears AND in chronological order.

    There's a fully-featured 21-day trial. The full package costs just under $5. Best bang for the buck I've enjoyed, Market-wise, in weeks. Hence, I pass it on.

    FYI: No relationship to the dev. Just luvin his handiwork.

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    Thanks for sharing this :)

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