g-box screen rolling


Dec 15, 2013
hey can someone please me tell how to stop my g-box screen from rolling and its black and white also.I hit something in the settings and it s all a mess now
Hey can I use this toothpick and Sd card method and get it going again ? I just want to save my setup I have is it possible to do ?
If you make a back-up of the unit now, wouldn't do the same thing when you restore it? And hard to do if you can't see the screen.

Which exact "g box" do you have?
I Googled a bit, and don't see any posts regarding TV resolution.

Email manufacturer for support and keep Googling
I did hit the manufacturer they told me to do a toothpick on it and yes I will lose my setup so it's all I can do to get going .Dam I loved my setup too....
I will buy me a Sd card and try to learn to do a back up . I didn't think I would need it but things happen I see.