Help G Mail wont push - no notifications or refresh.

Hi there,

For some reason, my phone has stopped giving me notifications about new Google Mail. When I load up my inbox, it is out of date to that which appears on my computer.

I've tried sending test e mails to the account and my phone no longer gives me a notification and the inbox doesn't update on the phone unless I manually press refresh when in the G Mail app.

I googled around and have tried clearing the data in the manage applications section, I have also checked and unchecked 'Auto Sync' and 'Google Mail' in the application sync setting - yet still no luck

I don't understand why it's suddenly stopped working - I rely on the automatic notifier for work as I am often working away from the desk - it would be incredibly frustrating if I had to keep doing a manual refresh.

Has anyone else had this problem? Anyone got a fix or anything else I can try?

Thank you so much for your help and time - I really appreciate it and any advice you can offer.