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G-shock watch buggy--- bluetooth loses connection--- POSSIBLY RESOLVED

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by redfishsc, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. redfishsc

    redfishsc Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Anyone else have random unwarranted disconnects from phone, or it suddenly won't get call/text alerts? Really frustrating lol.

    EDIT: See below for more information but this seems to be the solution. On my phone, this didn't happen automatically. I found it just fiddling around. I'll let someone more knowledgeable than I explain what "Bluetooth Smart" is, but it seems to have fixed the issue on my phone/watch.


  2. xmguy1

    xmguy1 Well-Known Member

    Yes. Mine will disconnect and show the upset dancing guy. Upside (on my Galaxy S4) at least it will reconnect without help from the S4. The Commando 4G usually needs to be told to reconnect in the BT menu.
  3. mkhol

    mkhol Newbie

    I get random disconnects and have to tell the phone to hook back up. It doesn't happen a lot but can't figure out any pattern to it. I've noticed when I turn the Bluetooth on, my phone always tries to pair up to my headphones even when they aren't around and the watch is......
  4. callmecolt

    callmecolt Well-Known Member

    Happened to me so much I don't use the watch much anymore.
  5. xmguy1

    xmguy1 Well-Known Member

    Now my Commando 4G will stay connected to the G Shock watch for a few minutes and drop the link. It will not reconnect from the watch its self. I finally turned the BT off on the watch. Not worth it. The Galaxy S4 is fine, if the link on the S4 does drop it will reconnect or I can start it from the watch.
  6. unitypunk

    unitypunk Android Enthusiast

    i dont know what everyones doing wrong, i can keep my watch connected as long as it stays in range

    when i reconnect, i do need to connect from the phone(casio) when it is disconnected, i wish it would auto connect like you guys said the S4 does..

    and im not throwing my watch in the corner because it doesnt ring with my phone... it still keeps the time, and looks boss.. send me yours if you aint gonna wear it? ill pay s/h or even paypal fees...

  7. redfishsc

    redfishsc Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm keeping mine because it's a G-shock and it's built like a tank (and, feels like you are wearing a tank on your wrist lol). If I'm wearing a watch at work, it needs to be made of unobtanium, and this is about as close to that as you can get (esp. for free!).

    Has anyone tried using the G-shock app on the Commando? I don't know if it would work or not, I may try it tomorrow. If it works, perhaps it would offer a more stable connection.
  8. redfishsc

    redfishsc Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    BTW I checked, you can't even put the G-shock app on your Commando 4G. Play store won't let you download it. So, the idea of using the app for (hopefully) a more stable connection..... wrong.

    I'm fine with having a watch built like a tank. I'll use it at work, where a watch would pretty much have to be built like a tank to survive.
  9. redfishsc

    redfishsc Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Hey everyone, make sure you have the Bluetooth Smart box checked. Open your Bluetooth menu, tap the settings sprocket beside the Casio watch. Make sure the Bluetooth Smart box is checked. This may be part of the problem. My phone defaulted to NOT CHECKED.
  10. unitypunk

    unitypunk Android Enthusiast

  11. redfishsc

    redfishsc Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I ran my phone all day today (12 hours so far) with having the "Bluetooth Smart" checked, and the watch acts as it should. Excellent.

    I think this solved my issues with the watch being buggy.

    My watch will show the NAME of the person texting me (as long as their name is in my contacts list). I've read posts from other folks saying that theirs will not show the name. Anyone having that issue?

    I don't recall what it says when someone calls, I rarely get calls lol

    Interesting, I'll look it up if I have to. I think I found the solution above though.

    Just to repeat it for folks browsing this thread for a solution:

  12. space wrangler

    space wrangler Well-Known Member

    I have found that if I uncheck time synchronizing in Bluetooth Smart settings, the watch will stay connected.
  13. xmguy1

    xmguy1 Well-Known Member

    Will try that myself. I use ClockSync (Atomic Sync) app. With manual time adjustment. That linked to the watch ensures nearly atomic sync. However I only need syncing once per day... Will try that thanks.
  14. Ruyen

    Ruyen Newbie

    Hmmmmm I have tried everything to keep it connected. When I go to reconnect it says Bluetooth LE has stopped working.

    So for those that has watch's that stay connected, what settings do you have on the phone and on the watch???
  15. brandennj

    brandennj Well-Known Member

    yea i have the same problem

    the watch does not stay connected.
  16. xmguy1

    xmguy1 Well-Known Member

    I tried both of these. However the watch and Commando 4G keep dropping. Smart is on and Time sync off....doesn't matter. Works PERFECTLY on my Galaxy S4 however.
  17. xmguy1

    xmguy1 Well-Known Member

    I was hoping the 4.1.2 update (Doctoror ROM) would fix the connection issues between the Commando 4G and the G Shock watch. But nope...still drops connection within minutes of linking. :(
  18. space wrangler

    space wrangler Well-Known Member

    Good thing most of us didn't actually pay money for this watch. I guess I actually did. I received two watches from Casio. I sold them both on eBay and bought the newer model. This was before the Jelly Bean update and my watch started disconnecting. As I have posted before, I have time sync unchecked, which keeps it connected most of the time. So, no automatic reconnect and no time sync. No wonder Casio was giving them away!
  19. xmguy1

    xmguy1 Well-Known Member

    Guess that answers the question if the new model was better than the old. Aside from music control and remote alarm set (from watch to phone) I don't see an advantage. Its a shame that the watch works great on the Galaxy S4 but can't work on Casio's own phone.
  20. Ruyen

    Ruyen Newbie

    So figured after a few months I would pop this back to the top and see if there was any further solutions for keeping the watch connected to the phone?? Currently mine is sitting in the drawer wasting battery life.

    I do like the watch but unless it is going to tell me something more valuable than the time it just isn't worth it for me.
  21. redfishsc

    redfishsc Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Nope, no info. Setting the smart bluetooth option helped, but my watch still randomly disconnects, and I often have to restart my phone in the mornings just to get the thing to connect with the watch.

    My watch is coated with paint overspray, I am an industrial wood finisher/cabinet maker, and need a good beat'em-up watch... this one is quite good for that lol.
  22. space wrangler

    space wrangler Well-Known Member

    Just performed the M050 update. Will test tomorrow to see if any G-Shock issues were addressed and resolved or improved.
  23. Ruyen

    Ruyen Newbie

    For me it improved the connection time. So far 1 disconnect. Which makes it 1000 times better than it was.
  24. space wrangler

    space wrangler Well-Known Member

    No improvement.
  25. teallin

    teallin Newbie

    I did the update yesterday and it seems to have taken care of the bluetooth LE crashing

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