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G1 developers, rainbow screen

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by royscheper, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. royscheper

    royscheper Guest
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    Since yesterday I own a g1 developer version, when turning the phone on by teh power button all I see is a red, green, blue & white background with the following text..:

    DREA100 PVT 32B

    Sep 2 2008


    When turning the phone on by the power button & the home button I get a white triangle with a exclamation mark, from there, the ALT+L button gives me the following:

    Android system recovery utility
    E: can't open /cache/recovery/command

    From here you can reboot the phone, apply sdcard:update.zip or wipe data/factory reset.

    I've tried the following:

    1 Download the DREAIMG.nbh:
    2 Place "DREAIMG.nbh" on the root of your SD card.
    3 Turn your phone off.
    4 Start up in bootloader mode by holding Camera + Power.
    5 Hit power button to start the update.
    6 Once the install completes hit action(trackball down) and your phone will reboot.

    The phone is installing the update, but after a reboot it gives the same color screen I've had before.

    Installing a SPL doesn't work, he says verifcation failed.


  2. royscheper

    royscheper Guest
    Thread Starter

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