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General g1 freezing abd battery problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by boss102372, Feb 21, 2011.

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    ok guys im new to this forum and having problems with my g1. my original g1 was great until it to a bath in the sink. a week ago i took it to a cell phone repair store and had the speaker and camera fixed but since then i've had problems with the battery. i thought it was the mother board so i got a g1 with a broken screen from a friend and replaced it with my screen. he has had no problems with the phone besides for the screen being cracked. i put my sim card in and my sd card and now im having the same problem with the other phone. i tried changing the batteries from one phone to the next and it still happens. when i got the cracked screen phone fixed i reset the phone it out of the box settings and downloaded the apps i originally had with my previous phone. the problem is when it is fully charged and i dont mess with it... nothing happens besides for regular battery lose. when i play with the apps it will freeze for a second, shut down, and i have to restart it manually. then the little red light will flash at me when it is in the android screen then shut down again. the only time it will fully turn on is when you hook up a charger to it. half the time the battery symbol will say 0% and the other half it will jump to 80% or somewhere around there. the phone as nothing special done to it or running a different operating system. so theres my problem... any takers???



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