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G1 vs Iphone

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by noonehereyet, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. noonehereyet

    noonehereyet No One...
    Thread Starter

    I don

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  2. STORM3333

    STORM3333 Well-Known Member

    Agreed, and this thread should be very interesting!
  3. agentaaron

    agentaaron Newbie


    I actually went to an appointment today at the genius bar at apple because the home button on my daughters ipod touch stopped working...I went in, sat down, waited about 5 minutes. The guy came up and asked what I needed. I told him about my problem...and no questions asked, he went in the back and came out with a brand new one, I signed a slip of paper and out the door I went with a brand new ipod.

    It just so happened that I had my G1 on the counter because I was reading some feeds while I was waiting. He asked me if he could take a look at it and made the comment "soooo...this is the Iphone killer eh". I told him that I also have an iPhone and that the two do not even really compare...its apples and oranges...two phone built for two different purposes. After playing with it for a couple minutes, he was really into it. He even called a couple other colleagues over to check it out. (One is even a T-mobile customer and wants to get it but doesnt know what management would think).

    I honestly do not think anything compares to apples customer service...T-mobile would put me through the ringer if I walked in with a broken phone...and HTC would not even let me in the door (figure of speech). But I do like my G1 a lot for what it is and for what it has the potential to become.

    Eventually I have a feeling that there will be two types of devices...Android powered and Mac OS powered. WinMo may be around on some chinese clones...but skinned to look like one of the above. :)
  4. noonehereyet

    noonehereyet No One...
    Thread Starter

    Agreed apple has good dare I say near great customer service but so does kia and hyundai but they need it because of inferior product or at least inferior in some form weather it be quality or function the only reason to have extremely good customer service is if your product needs it....so back to the reason for you went to the apple store in the first place the ipod broke.... i own a sansa and a creative labs mp3 neither one has ever given me trouble and I use them on average 4 to 5 hours a day 6 days a weak as my job requires ALOT of walking... So as for the topic why do apple fans fight so hard to keep everything they use apple? just don't understand... for example would you only buy factory parts for your car including motor oil air filters etc? or do you buy cheaper more efficient after market parts?
  5. I have both the iPod Touch and the G1. So I can really only
    compare them on usage via WiFi and for the non-phone

    For most functionality, the iPod Touch is slightly more
    polished and slightly easier to use.

    But the real difference is in what the iPod Touch (or iPhone)
    simply cannot do.

    Case in point -- I have a very nice ssh applications for
    both (iSSH for the iPod Touch and ConnectBot for Android).
    ConnectBot supports ssh tunnels, iSSH does not.

    This is not an oversight on the part of the iSSH developers.
    The simple fact is that an ssh tunnel cannot work on the
    iPod Touch/iPhone because if the ssh application is running
    there is nobody to use the tunnel.

    With the G1 I can use the tunnel to route my SMTP
    output via a secure tunnel back to my home machine.
    From there it only goes over my ISPs network to reach
    the actual SMTP server.

    I can also configure my home server to only make
    certain materials available to, so I can use
    an ssh tunnel to fetch them remotely, but nobody else
    can access them.

    Those are just two examples of the fundamental difference
    between achieving security by multiple concurrent java
    sandboxes and by only allowing one application to run
    at a time.
  6. slave1

    slave1 Well-Known Member

    On last night's Gadget Show (UK Channel 5) they tried to get one of the presenters off Apple products. This is part two iPhone vs G1......
  7. Siflan

    Siflan Android Enthusiast

    While the iPod line has nicely, feature rich products, their flaw is their limitation. The reluctance to allow or even develop apps outside of apple products itself sounds similar to what MS started doin' ... creatin' a small monopoly.
  8. noonehereyet

    noonehereyet No One...
    Thread Starter

    yup anything that forces you to use or by with in their own will eventually lose it's ground and status and followers just like all the others before them...
  9. T-Mobile needs to start having the same type of customer service, and they should be goooooood.
  10. Cryptic79

    Cryptic79 Android Enthusiast

    I've had great service with TMO. I haven't had to deal with Apple, so I can't compare.
  11. shivers316

    shivers316 Godmember

    I had an unlocked iPhone for a little while and I can't say that I didn't like it. The onscreen keyboard was flawless for me and, of course, the iPod feature is second to none. A lot of people bash the G1 and say that the iPhone is way better. Most of those people, however, are the ones that don't know what open source truly means. A little bit of patience and some great developers are gonna make the Android OS the best mobile OS out there. That's just my 2 cents though.
  12. HTC Bum

    HTC Bum Android Enthusiast

    yea i've been an avid iphone fan for awhile.. so people around me always ask me which one i like best... and its hard for me to explain that i still like the iphone better.. but i'm waiting for android to take off.
  13. I have honestly always been a big Apple fan. I love Apple and just the way they make things work and they are inventors. But what I don't like about Apple is how they limit EVERYTHING. Can you imagine how much further along they would be if they would just let everyday people like you in me in to help push them to success. Well we're about to/are finding out with Android.

    Ps. as big as I am an Apple fan as I am a way bigger Google fan so I pick G1 hands down. Not only because Google always keeps things moving forward but because of the fact that Android is open source and that means a lot to me which is why Linux is my main partition on my computer.
  14. SecretAsianMan

    SecretAsianMan Well-Known Member

    lol, ok this is how i see it. apple is a nazi company that only allows certain things cuz they want to keep theyre customers in check. apple has so much potential to be the greatest os ever, but they dont live up to it. they are limited to apps and programs that apple checks and checks and checks. pretty much if a new app dev trys and makes a app for apple it prolly would take a pretty long time to get out to the public. im guessing it would be a dev that has previous history with apple to get into the market. ok ill admit the iphone is pretty legit, but it took almost 2 years to get there. if the G1 is being compared to something that has been trying to get perfected for the last 2 years then im happy. that means in 2 years from now the iphone would be obsolete to the G1. lets look at the facts..........iphone cons: no removable mem (expandable memory), no removable batt, no picture mail, no internal compass, no qwerty keyboard, no track ball, no potential to be the best phone ever, and most important, no insurance! the G1 may not be the best looking phone/device, but guess what? this thing will change your life! thank you HTC!
  15. kevbernard

    kevbernard Lurker

    I'm an iPhone user, and also have a Macbook Air. BUT I'm not a fanboi - I run MS Vista on the Air, and only have it cos it's slimmer and lighter than most other laptops. I'd switch to another manufacturer without hesitation if they made a machine better suited to my needs.

    Hee hee. That makes me chuckle. I spend a lot of time on MacRumors, and believe me you'd get shot for that comment on there. However, I have to agree with you. Apple is no better than their favourite whipping boy MS.

    I have to disagree with this though. Remember that the iPhone will also evolve over the next 2 years, so who know's where it will be.

    As for the iPhone vs G1 argument :

    I have a G1 and think it's a great device. But for me, the iPhone still just edges it. It's a nicer device to hold and use, with a more sensitive touch-screen. Also the multi-touch is very nice.

    However the G1 browser is faster (compared on WiFi), and the interface has a number of nice features, giving a lot more flexibility than iPhone.

    For me, the iPhone is ahead at the moment. But as the 3rd party developers get going, and new handsets come out I suspect the balance will shift in Android's favour. I see that multitouch has already been made available.

    I have to say though that I think iPhone, Android, Symbian, MS, and Blackberry will all continue to co-exist for a while. Remember that everyone has different need and requirements.

    BTW, on a side note, I have to say that this forum seems to be populated with considerably more balanced and mature people than the Mac forums. So although I still use the iPhone, I have to say it's much nicer talking Android with you guys!!
  16. STORM3333

    STORM3333 Well-Known Member

    wow this is a first for me, tmo's customer service is the reason i've been a customer since 2002. Now i will admit i've never had to deal with apple's customer service to compare but unless they giving out dandelion's and lollipops i can't imagine customer service better than what i've always experienced with t-mobile. Real talk!

    Personally I don't like comparing the two but whatever floats ya boat. I own an Ipod, I use Itunes, I would never switch from my android to an Iphone but I will give apple their props on great products. I will stay loyal to HTC, GOOGLE, AND T-MOBILE AND RIDE THIS THING TIL THE WHEELS FALL OFF. IT'S LIKE I KNOW WHERE THE FUTURE IS GOING AND IT'S ANDROID. I agree with the person who said all these multiple smart phones and the like will co-exist for a time. People do have different needs.
  17. STORM3333

    STORM3333 Well-Known Member

    that was cool to watch! As for the second test i think the only reason she lost was because of her own personal speed not the phone's i watched them both and she was slow as mollasses.
  18. noonehereyet

    noonehereyet No One...
    Thread Starter

    I wouldn't say the iphone is ahead at all I would say at the moment it is just much more refined as it should be having been out much longer...

    As for as being more balanced I wouldn't say that, I have my preferences as do many others.... To put it better I just think we are just technology based and that means we want the newest and best functioning product with the best ability to personalize or manipulate to suite out needs.....
  19. slave1

    slave1 Well-Known Member

    He (Jason) was obviously going to be faster at using the iphone hardware (as it was his phone) than Susi was going to be on a phone she'd probably only seen on that day. She did manage to get him off itunes on to last.fm though (video 1)
  20. KeEp +

    KeEp + Newbie

    Open source is what sold me on the G1. I was so close to getting the Iphone but the android OS has SOOO much potential I couldn't pass on it. I wanna see all the apps that they're gonna create for this thing. Basically anything they wanna make since it's not restricted. I love emulators especially if it's a GBA or SNES emulator. I love this phone.
  21. toto56

    toto56 Newbie

  22. inertial

    inertial Newbie

    The Apple icon logo has been nothing to be but a mix-pop culture fad. An symbolic interaction of being hip and current up to date with today's top hot things to get in college or for social lifestyle. I have nothing against Apple. Their machine is very clean and friendly. Even though I do not own a MacBook or iPhone (but have played with my friends) it's really nothing that hype about. Touch screen, multi-taps/touch, wi-fi, bluetooth all around old technologies. To me at least. What makes the iPhone stand was that it was you could say the first ever phone that incorporated all these new functions such as app development by 3rd parties, MobileMe, and Exchange/Enterprise. Like every piece of technology/hardware, they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Some are more down to Earth and some are Steve Job nut huggers. Haha.

    I own an iPod 4th Gen Nano. That is the only thing I own that is Apple. Haha.
  23. greekking23

    greekking23 Member

    I switched from an iPhone 3G to my bronze G1. What does that tell you?

    What got me was that the G1 was slimmer, and it had more heft to it. And OPEN SOURCE!! I hate how Apple plays cybernanny on its customers, and it really bothers me when people who have no clue about technology in general say that Mac is better than Windows.
  24. noonehereyet

    noonehereyet No One...
    Thread Starter

    That may just be what it comes down too in the end on who wins the mobile software wars.... If everyone gets tired of being told what they can or can't do or if they become mindless drones like most people did with windows....
  25. greekking23

    greekking23 Member

    i agree. most people dont understand, though, so i think that people will just follow apple's path until android can show its capabilities. then, maybe the public could make more informed decisions instead of "bit the iphone is SiCKKK!!!!11!11!!"

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