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G1 w/out data plan question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hake0305, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. hake0305

    hake0305 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So I am on the Even More Plus no contract plan with 500+text+web, but at my next month renewal I am downgrading to the 500+text plan, without the Android internet package.

    I plan on using wifi for my data usage, but I am wondering if the phone will automatically default to Tmobile data and I will then be charged for each time the phone accesses data. Is there a way to disable this? I tried the Anycut Testing shortcut method, but every time I try to log onto the internet, it will select the 3G instead of the wifi and reconnect the data connection with Tmobile. Granted, I do not yet have the Android internet removed from my phone. I just want to make sure that when it is removed I don't suddenly start incurring data charges.

  2. I know on the 2.1 and 2.2 version of android there is a setting to completely turn of wireless data.
  3. fratermus

    fratermus Well-Known Member

    I use Tmo prepaid in my G1, using these tools:

    APNdroid to turn off data completely.
    Wefi to connect to open networks
    WiSync to only try to sync when connected to wifi.

    Wefi also lets you set your default (ie, home) WAP so it will always connect there if it sees it.
  4. mayaandroid

    mayaandroid Lurker

    why do i have to pay for a data package with my Samsung Vibrance? the customerservice told me today that everything would stop working (apart frm the phone ) if i did not have this!!
  5. mmax10

    mmax10 Lurker

    SONY X10

    hi all x10ers. well i am enjoying the phone a lot even coming from iphone. one thing that is bugging me now is that in the last couple of days the data useage has gone off the charts. i am talking 44MB in one day where i hardly used it. all the apps are set to manual refresh. there is nothing running (that i can find) that would use data like that. location service is off. GPS is off. EVERYTHING IS OFF!!! but even on the hour drive home from work today it used nearly 4MB. WTF. i am thinking of getting rid of the phone if it is just going to become a headache. i use WIFI when i am at home and not a massive amount of mobile data. just the odd FB update and stuff. all data usage has been normal up till now...

    has any one else had this problem. i am on the ROgers network and there tech support was HOPELESS!!!!!!! oh yea i have a task killer killing all unwanted regular running apps..

    DESPERATE PLEASE HELP,,,,, i dont want to have to pay out for an iphone4!!!!!!
  6. jameskelsey

    jameskelsey Newbie

    So I bought a used G1 with 2.2 Froyo on it off EBay and it should arrive tomorrow or the next day. I'm going to throw my TMobile prepaid card in it and use WiFi for the internet. From what I've read it sounds like I'll turn off data and change the APN settings manually. Then install WeFi and WiSync. Does this sound like the best approach?
  7. Swizz

    Swizz Android Enthusiast

    mayanandroid: It's a scare tactic used to keep smartphone users on a data package. Unless you are contractually obligated to have a data package on your line, you can remove it without worry.

    jameskelsey: You're on the path to success.
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  8. jameskelsey

    jameskelsey Newbie

    Up and running. Had a couple little problems but nothing major. I had to use Titanium Backup to uninstall The old version of Google Voice Search before I could upgrade the version. Plus I tried using APNDroid, it installed but would not work. Just did the settings manually. I'll post back any other problems I might run into.

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