G1 Wont activate? Help!?

Well let me start off by saying Hi!

im a new member and sadly it took this tragic event for me to sign up :(

but anyways, my G1 was being very sluggish, and after trying to delete unused apps, taskmanagers, deleting things i didnt need ect. i decided to reset my phone, i mean the first time i set everything up it worked beautifully, but now when i go to "sign in" or "Create new" after the set up a google account, i will not connect to google servers?

im on T-Mobile and im the original owner of the phone, i do NOT have a data plan but that didnt stop me from originally setting up the phone, i even have wi-fi as opposed to last time when i didnt.

if anyone could help me that would be great!!
im expecting a call from a scholarship i applied for, so this is completely Necessary that i activate this phone!

(i threw away my old phone.....-.-'..... iFail)