Help g2 not upgradable to new android versions?

I found this in a review on

"It was announced yesterday that the G2 stores key components of the OS in read only memory. The purpose is to set itself back to a factory state if any modifications are made to the OS. Since ROM can generally not be changed without hardware surgery, I don't see how the phone can generally be upgraded to a new OS."

Is this true? It makes sense logically, but how could they screw us so blindly? Seriously bummed if this is true.

Marc Wonderland

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From what I was advised the G2 is rootable but HTC got heat from wireless companies that the phones are too easy too root (HTC purpose) so they made it more difficult to root, but it is supposed to be possible to root the G2. One of my classmates was telling me about this just yesterday.
Have you guys not read any of the dozens of articles posted on the homepage? The g2 was unrootable because of a bug... htc/t-mobile did not do it on purpose at all. They claimed it was a security feature, but the guys over at XDA called shennanigans and proved it to be wrong. A permanent fixed was just implemented within the past few days. Check out the articles on the homepage to check out whats going on.


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Well that's cool. At least it's been fixed...

It was rather stupid to have all that awesome hardware only to have it locked out to stock, just like the Droid X. Just kind of stupid really, I think.

Okay, so I think it's flat out ******ed but whatever.