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G2 top status icon indicators explained ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by connectandroid, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. connectandroid

    Thread Starter

    Hi guys I received my Samsung Galaxy S2 today (optus australia brand but bought outright from allphones.com.au) looking through manual and guide there's no specific explanation of the top screen status icons ? particularly the triangle to the left corner and the 3G icon which sometimes changes to up/down arrows ?

    Also when I am connected to wifi - how do I tell if my internet browsing/internet session is going through wifi and not 3G ?

    thanks :)


  2. hilt_m

    hilt_m Newbie

    3G means UMTS connection, mine flicks to and from H which is HSDPA to H+ which is HSPA+ (the fastest) and 3G, 3G umts is kinda slow but when it hits G which is GPRS or E which is EDGE then the connection is really crap. Depends on what network you have in your area.

    Up down arrows mean uploading or downloading data.

    as for wifi connection, the easiest way to tell is that it will be way faster, it should automatically use the strongest connection, but if you just want wifi with no 3G then turn on data network mode. press and hold the power button just like you were going to turn off the device and select data network mode from the menu that pops up. Also a good way to save on battery.

    Not sure what triangle you are talking about, do you mean the bluetooth symbol?
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  3. connectandroid

    Thread Starter

    thanks guys for clearing it up

    hilt, you mean for no 3G, turn off data network mode not turn on right ?
  4. Gearu

    Gearu Android Expert

    Data network kills the internet connection, aeroplane mode kills phone calls/messages.
  5. hilt_m

    hilt_m Newbie

    No lol I mean turn it on (activate) this sets the phone to only receive wifi. Once you deactivate the network mode it opens the phone for 3g connection. I know it's a little misleading but if you think of wifi as a network like a LAN /WAN then it makes a little sense.
  6. connectandroid

    Thread Starter

    Oh thanks for clearing that up :)
  7. pcbms

    pcbms Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to have the phone set so that it can make calls txts but not connect to the internet? On the htc desire you have to physically select a connection be it wifi or 3g - by default the connection will be 3g which suits me as I don't have access to wifi anywhere I am
  8. 3waygeek

    3waygeek Well-Known Member

    You could probably make a fake, non-working APN for data and a separate working MMS-only APN so you can still text. Use the fake APN as your default, but keep your working internet APN so you can switch to it when you want a 3G connection.
  9. doubleclick17

    doubleclick17 Lurker

    the triangle that ur talkn about ( on the top left ) is for the Power saver mode of the battery.
  10. connectandroid

    Thread Starter

    i think the paid version of juice defender can do that ??? not sure as i'm using free version

    ah thanks :)
  11. hilt_m

    hilt_m Newbie

    Yeah, easy. Activate data network mode. Then using the top pull down menu. Unselect wifi.
  12. sf1

    sf1 Lurker

    DOES any 1 know what the phone with zig zags symbol on top of galaxys2 screen means?
  13. Sixel

    Sixel Well-Known Member

    That's the vibration mode.
  14. Jibbless

    Jibbless Lurker

    Can anyone tell me, on the vodafone network, what the two little briefcases in the top status icon area are? they are in the top left corner, one with a tick inside it, one with a down arrow. Im bit worried something is just endlessly downloading and im going to get charged insanely for it....
  15. Sixel

    Sixel Well-Known Member

    I am not familiar with it, could you post a picture?
  16. heshanj

    heshanj Android Expert

    that sounds like apps updating. the one with the tick is an auto updated app thats installed.. and the one with the downward arrow is to show that there are more apps that need to be updated
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  17. Sixel

    Sixel Well-Known Member

    Just like when you upload something to facebook, it has the fb logo and a tick. But I don't know the actual briefcase thing.
    Do you have an app that looks like the briefcase?
  18. heshanj

    heshanj Android Expert

    nope, its the market icon he's referring to. when an app is auto updated by the market, or the market shows that there are other apps that need to be updated, it shows the market icon (either which a check, or a downward arrow), which kinda looks like a briefcase i guess.. supposed to be more like a shopping bag though
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  19. Jibbless

    Jibbless Lurker

    oh right, so if the shopping bag has a down arrow it means an app just needs updating?
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  20. d8beat

    d8beat Newbie

    if u are on wifi, u do not need to switch off anything. your phone will automatically just use the wifi connection. your reception bar thing will be blacked out
  21. Hammerpgh

    Hammerpgh Member

    I'm a bit confused with this.... if I want to stop any internet activity I switch off the data mode (the second option from the right in the pull down menu).
  22. gil_happy

    gil_happy Newbie


    I have a question that is related to this... I currently have 4 - 'Downloading Data' icons in the top left corner, but I have no idea what could be downloading. When I check the 'Active applications', it indicates there are none, i.e. 0.

    Is there any way to check what is downloading or open? Or maybe what the process that is currently downloading?

    Thanks in advance!
  23. Remeniz

    Remeniz Android Enthusiast

    Yea. Place your thumb at the top of the screen and pull down.

    You should see whats downloading there.
  24. gil_happy

    gil_happy Newbie

    That was it!! thanks so much.


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