Help g2x cant send photo texts


i have had my g2x about a week or so now and i cant send pics to alot of people only one buddy gets anything i send and i have sent the same photo to everyone in my phone book. is there a setting to change do i need to go back to the store or what can be done to fix this its really starting to piss me off
I've had trouble sending pictures and also videos as well. When I talked to Tmobile about it they told me that the file(s) I was trying to send were just too big. I didn't realize that there was a 220kb limit to the size of a multimedia message that tmobile customers can send/receive. On the video settings you can select MMS or something and it scales down the quality and time of the video to fit that size constraints. As for the picture, I think you should try decreasing the quality and see what happens.