Root g2x flashing a kernel. Wifi error. HELP PLEASE

i recently tried flashing my first kernel Faux123 in hopes of getting an app to work on my phone(running cm7). I'm not really familiar with flashing and im not sure wherther or not i used the right file or not but it was on the xda forum and this was the file: CM OC/UV Kernel Version 048.. I then flashed CWM recovery to tmobile g2x and rebooted the phone to CWM, cleared the cache and wiped the Dalvik... I then rebooted the phone and it stayed stuck on a black startup screen so i went into recovery again and recovered back into the backup i had made earlier today. Everything seemed back to normal until i tried connecting to wifi. underneath the words WIFI it says "error" and just wont go away. i've tried factoy reset and it still does not work.. Anyone know how to fix this?