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G3 display installed by repair shop?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pushdrops, Mar 5, 2016.

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    A local repair shop was to replace my G4's display - upon my wife picking up the repaired G4 the shop said to use a case to ensure the new display remains tightly installed.

    Once my wife brought the G4 home I immediately noticed the Verizon logo at the top right exactly in the same location as a VZW G3. I have never seen a G4 with a Verizon logo.

    Also comparing the repaired G4 to my wife's stock G4 the display glass has no curve while the G4's display should have a very slight curve matching the body just as my wife's stock G4 exhibits.

    The new display also isn't as bright as my wife's stock G4 & colors aren't as bright.

    I called the shop and they said they especially ordered an LG original replacement G4 display (glass digitizer panel) and made sure they obtained one with a VZW logo to match our carrier (though I never requested a VZW logo & have never even seen such a branded G4 front panel, searching all I can find are G3s with a Verizon logo on the front display).

    Does anyone know what may have happened? Will a G3 display even work with a G4? They are the same size and resolution. Could there be cheap unofficial replacement parts with inaccurate logo and shape issues & to save $$$ they sold us a lesser quality replacement part?


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