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G4 Won't Connect To Wireless 802.11n-Only Network

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mitchewr, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. mitchewr

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    Alright so I've run into an issue here. I just got a net ISP last night and so hooked up my own modem and router (I had TDS before). I set everything to run the way I used to at my previous home, WPA2 Personal, Wireless N Only, 20 or 40hz auto setting, auto DHCP, etc. Everything is connecting and working just fine except for my wife's LG G4.

    The phone is only a couple of months old. My 1.5 year old LG G3 (running Cyanogenmod) connects to the wireless n only network with no issues. However her phone simply refuses to connect. It sees the network fine but just won't ever attempt to connect to it. It just 'saves' the network info.

    I've tried rebooting the router, rebooting the phone, powering off the phone, pulling the battery, disabling network security, changing the channel from 20/40 to just 20hz, etc. Nothing I do will make this G4 connect to the wireless n only network. The only way I can get it to connect is to drop the wireless signal down from n-only to "mixed". Once it's set to "mixed", the G4 connects instantly.

    Anyone else run into this issue? I know that the phone itself is supposedly rated for 802.11ac, along with 802.11n, g, etc. but it seems like there must be some sort of software config preventing it from connecting to n only since my G3 has no issues, but is running a custom rom.

    Thoughts or ideas? I'd really like to get n only working as I'll be upgrading my modem pretty soon and will be pulling 110mbps down from my ISP.


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