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g6 play twrp and decrypt guide

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by skullkid383, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. skullkid383

    skullkid383 Newbie
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    My build of my twrp has multiple partition options to back up like persist due to a cple probs i have seen others encounter on gsi where imei gets corrupted also vendor and much more

    use cmd to flash twrp:
    fastboot flash recovery updated-jeter-twrp.img


    for decryption patch a backed up boot.img with magisk beta both preserve boxes unchecked then flash in twrp as boot.img and flash zip below


    then format data not wipe but format data button then type yes and press back all the way to main menu then flash masgisk 18.0.zip then reboot and it will not encrypt and u will have to start over as if phone is brand new ie. setting up google but enjoy ur decrypted g6 play guys

    if u have any ?'s feel free to ask here
    or join telegram group

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  2. Kinevi

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    You saved me thaaaaaaaanks

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