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Galaxy Ace 2 does not start

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dbotop, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. dbotop

    dbotop Lurker
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    This morning my daughter brought her Ace 2 to me as it would not start at all. The screen remains black. After removing the battery (which was completely full by the way!) and reinstalling it, it only starts to the Samsung type and log screen and then hangs for ever. After switching it off it won't start again unless I remove the battery again. I'm also able to start up in the download mode (Home + Vol down + start) after the battery removal, but the recovery mode (Home + Vol + Start) is not accessable. Could any onde tell me how I can revive this Ace again. It could be such that the present lock-up is caused by an android update, but I'm not certain about that as i normally do not use this Phone.

    Kind regards,

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  2. dbotop

    dbotop Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello Smokey,

    Tried to Flash the Ace 2 with help of the instructions as given by you. Unfortunately no succes! Using ODIN 3.07 and after letting W7 x64 install the drivers succesfully. The Phone was able to start communication with ODIN (0:COM3). The check of the PDA file - MD5 was also reported valid. After pressing start the following announcements came:

    Get PID for Mapping
    Firmware update start
    NAND write start.
    And after a while the FAIL message came.

    After this I could not enter the download mode again, but got the error screen (Firmware upgrade encounterd an error, etc.)
    However connecting the Ace with Odin gave the same messages as above so a conncetion must have been present, however the outcome again was a fail.
    Remarkably a connection between Kies and the ACE cannot be established. Kies is detecting a USB connection, but is not able to recognise the ACE.

    What else could I try to revive the Ace?

    Kind regards,

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