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Galaxy Ace 2 factory settings.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pete.i, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. pete.i

    pete.i Newbie
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    Hi all
    You Tube videos have decided not to play anymore on my Ace 2 so I decided to revert the phone back to factory settings. According to stuff I have read on the web the way to do it is to go to "settings" then choose "privacy" and then "factory data reset". When I do this it tells me to "delete Samsung account first" and than wont go any further. Anyone know what this means?

    The other way I have read about is to hold the "up volume button" and the "home key" down whilst switching the phone on and holding the "power button". This does put me into reset mode and there is an option to restore to factory settings which I can select and it seems to go through the motions and then tells to reboot which I do but the phone hasn't reverted to original settings. All my old stuff is still there. Any clues anyone please. Oh and the Kies factory reset does not work either.



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