Help Galaxy Ace possibly bricked, but why?


ive had this phone for 3 weeks and i bought an 8GB MicroSD card for it. all of a sudden i couldnt recieve texts messages it kept saying memory full so i deleted a few apps id downloaded and yet still the same problem... i then deleted all the text messages but still had the same problem and had no idea how to fix it. I took to google and was advised to download Gemini file manager to move apps from my handset to my MicroSD but when i tried to transfer them it stuck on 0% and wouldnt work. Yesterday my phone switched itself off then booted back up but it stuck on the Samsung boot logo and didnt move then kept repeating this process of switching itself off and sticking at the boot logo.

I have no idea what im meant to do and if it is indeed bricked and where do i go from here?

i am on contract with Tesco and it has only been about 3 weeks. i Have no done anything to the phone like try to update it in anyway possible, can anyone please help me out here?


Android Expert
Its not bricked. Just messed up.
You were supposed to move the apps stored on the phone memory to the sd card, or uninstall them, your internal memory had excess of apps which prevented texts and installing new apps in the phone memory.
The file manager also tried the sane thing, but it messed up.

Take it to your service center and get them to install the software again.