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Support Galaxy Ace Slow ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Gianfrancokdaj, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Gianfrancokdaj

    Thread Starter
    Nov 26, 2011

    Nov 26, 2011
    Good Morning, I'm new to the forum.
    I was given a Samsung Galaxy Ace, flying and everything, then he began to install applications, to the point that it slows down, and for example I write the text and reacts late and I'm very worried.
    When you buy it began installing applications, do not do anything and are in the market supposedly

    My phone has 3 memories: Ram, Internal Card memory.

    It turns out that Ram was at 0 when you buy the phone of 278 MB, is now at 214 because I started to install applications. 1 - This slows down the phone? What is what slows down?
    2 - I put it where it said "Delete Report "and the bar declined, saying many applications have been closed, no means but I hope not eliminated, when I give are to eliminate 135 of memory 278.

    2 - I go to the phone's internal storage tab and I install applications, where internal storage of the phone says 136 mb appears occupied 181, and the memory card appears 544 mb 3.69 gb.
    I got 28 applications for the moment (in Applications / Downloads are 29, counting those that already came with the phone), and I filled the 3 memory is, began to raise the ram, internal memory card, I tried removing the memory card and I went many applications, most of them. (Before there were 10 more than the few, but the uninstall) depending on configuration - my cell phone applications, I have 14 applications that I have available the option to "move to memory card" that is the option but I get off, not available for press, among them the google maps, market, youtube, facebook, two games, photoshop, juice defend, gmail, camera 360, search rae, 3g watchdog, and two more. (Some of which came with the ace name, others down) I have another 14 applications in "Memory Card". If I go to each of these, enabled me to move to phone. Applications downloaded 24, + which came with the phone 28. I need urgent help with this. How do I get when I download applications follow raising the ram and memory? maybe I'm saying something wrong, that's what slows me the phone? bone that I have to fill memory? How many applications I can have maximum and will not get bad cell phone or do re slow and heavy? What is the ram and acts? THANKS! ps: also listen to some root, not if I was going to help anything or not, a big greeting.


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