Galaxy iii charging issue



My Galaxy III is not charging. The lightning bolt is on but the percentage does not go up. I am not sure if it is the cord, phone or the battery. Any thoughts??
Thank you!!


Extreme Android User
Does anything change when you plug the charger into the phone? (I'm not familiar with the 3.) Does an LED start flashing, or does a message like "charging" come up?

If so, the charger and the cord are good. If not, try borrowing someone else's charger. (All phone chargers made in the last few years are 5 volts and use microUSB connectors, so they're pretty interchangeable.)

You can also take the phone to the dealer and ask if he can try charging a battery of his with your charger, and/or your battery with his charger (and/or using his phone), so you can determine exactly which component is bad. (That's one good reason to maintain a good long-term relationship with a cellphone dealer. They do you favors that don't cost them anything as a normal part of doing business.)