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Galaxy Mini GT-S5570, 6 questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 1eyedjack, Dec 21, 2011.

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    1) I can add new mail accounts using the "mail by Samsung" stock app. How do I modify or delete email accounts please? No menu options apparently for these choices.

    2) Is there an app that I can download which allows you to save a macro of sequential keystrokes to be activated by a single click on the home screen? I wanted for example one which in a single click would have the effect of:
    Wireless and networks
    Mobile netwoks
    Use packet data (on/off)
    return to homescreen

    3) under Settings/Wireless and networks/Mobile networks there is an option "Use only 2G networks". Can someone give me any examples of situations in which a user might wish to select this option? I assume that there must be some such situations or they wouldn't bother to give you the choice.

    4) I tried to set up Orange Messenger (stock app) and failed on error message "Client ID does not match User ID". I don't understand the terms. The setup system only requires that I enter an email address and password. So how to I determine my Client ID and how do I determine my User ID, that I can correct the mismatch?

    5) I note that in order to enable the firewall in my security software (not stock app) I am required to root the phone. Done some reading around and it looks horrendously complicated. Before I consider whether to invest the time, would this invalidated warranty?

    6) I can't work out how to save as templates a set of phrases that I commonly use in text messages, so that when creating new text messages I can then insert a saved phrase or sentence from a list without having to retype it each time. My previous, older generation phone had this facility, and it is so basic I feel sure it must be there somewhere. Any ideas, please?

    All for now, thanks for any help, if I think of any other probs will surely come here.

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