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Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ Unlocked or something else?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Iplayguitar:), Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Iplayguitar:)

    Iplayguitar:) Newbie
    Thread Starter

    My situation is slightly different in comparison to some other related threads.

    I am with t-mobile on my father's family plan, this winter would've been the end of our contract, however, at one point or another he changed something and it renewed our contract for well-over another year. I now am stuck with a MyTouch 4g which is already very outdated and nearly 2 years old. After selling my MyTouch, it will cost roughly $200-$250 to pay for the rest of the phone.

    However, is there any chance a new nexus phone will come out soon this year?
    If so, do you predict it will be anywhere near this price?

    If not, will the galaxy nexus with 4.1 at only $350 be a solid choice?
    Or is there another pure google phone you'd recommend?

    I, personally, don't see a better choice in this price range.

    Thanks guys.

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  2. mogelijk

    mogelijk Android Expert

    I would expect, when the new Nexus phone is released (whenever that might be), it will initially sell for something closer to the $600 that the Galaxy S3 sells for.

    I've loved my Nexus, and Jellybean has made it better. I'll agree, it is the best phone in its price range.
  3. Iplayguitar:)

    Iplayguitar:) Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I mean, it should maybe even drop some more as time goes on, but for an unlocked phone, especially one with 4.1 I do not see any other options.

    Just curious but how does it do on games such as Shadowgun, GTA: 3, and Dead trigger or classic system emulators e.g. N64? I bet it runs even smoother and generally better on JB.

    Thanks for your response by the way!:D
  4. asheehanjr

    asheehanjr Well-Known Member

    Those games play fine on the GNEX. Play them all the time myself except for Dead Trigger (sick of Zombie games lol).
  5. batman25

    batman25 Well-Known Member

    The next nexus unlocked will be over 600. plus if there is an exclusive deal then it may not a US unlocked version for months after. $382 shipped for out the box 4.1 and a sure bet to received the newest update first(if separate from the new nexus) can't be beat.

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