Help Galaxy Nexus or stick with Nexus s 4g?? opinions


....basically i JUST got off of my contract with verizon and wanted to get the galaxy nexus. on my way to the store to buy it. my father calls me up. "hey, son don't sign another deal with verizon. meet me at my house"

i got there and he hands me a nexus s 4g. i was in awe. i currently have it rooted/rom'd up. plus he's paying for me for the next year.

however, the long loved still awaits me...the galaxy nexus. not to mention the 4g keeps dropping here. and the test speeds don't even compare. i've seen speeds that run faster than my current internet provider.

what would you do in this situation? buy it full retail? sign my life away again? i've been stuck with my og droid since 09.


Android Expert
I'd keep the nexus S and throw CM9 on it . Can't beat free like others have said . That's an awesome deal .

I'm about to upgraded my work line EVO to a Nexus S