Oct 29, 2009
Manchester UK
I have the flip case as it came free work my note.

Its great for a thin profile and for protecting the screen, but it simply does not protect anywhere else of the phone.

I also have the flexishield... This is a great case with a snug fit and encases all sides of the phone and with precise cut outs for plugs etc... Excellent and very effective.

Finally i have the Martin fields screen protector, this i cannot recommend highly enough.
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I have the flip case and it looks really great. It adds a thickness of only about a millimiter or so.

But after a week of use, the part of the edge of the cover where my left thumb touches to flip open the cover started to fray. When held in the left hand the thumb remains in contact with the same spot and the stress must be tremendous. Samsung should have put a steel rim on the fabric, at least at that section.
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t sport 1978 i wasnt a big fan of the flexishield. Its quite ugly. Also you dont need a screen protector. the screen is strong enough by itself.

AllThingsPure, I haven;t had that mself, but others have said similar so it must be a common problem i guess
Its up to you mate, i will always use a screen protector, especially one so large. Not a matter of being strong, the moh scale is pretty much proof of why its a good idea to have one.
I mean if you drop it, a screen protector wont help. Its strong enough not to get scratched in general day to day use. Its personal preference anyway I guess, if it gives you a piece of mind! I just dont like them on my screen :(