Help Galaxy note powering down


Hi I've had a galaxy note for a couple of months now.I've had a few occasions when it's just switched itself off for no apparent doesn't do it all that much but it's frustrating and doesn't give be much confidence about the alarm waking me up in the morning! Just wondered if anyone had any suggestions? (Fairly sure if it was hardware I could get the phone replaced under warranty)


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you'll probably find if you press and hold the power button even if the screen is locked, it powers off. I reckon this can happen in your pocket as the button doesnt need much pressure. I think this is a major short coming of the note and i hope its something they resolve for future phones.


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Thanks for getting back to me - it's happening when it's not in my pocket. Tonight it happened when it was on my table......

Omar Days

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definitely something wrong with it.

I've had mine freeze a couple times where I've had to pull the battery out to restart it, but never have I had it just randomly shut down.


This is similar - but since I'm new to this forum not sure if this s/b a new thread or not. My Note just started turning itself off- right after I've turned it on!?? Stays on maybe 60 seconds max! Took it to ATT store & tech tried but couldnt help. Still in warranty + insurance plan so they wanted to just replace. I said NO until I can get a COMPLETE backup - &/or get info on how to fix the problem. Need help!