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Galaxy Note reboot itself

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by room1102, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. room1102

    room1102 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I just got my Galaxy Note for 2 days. It happened 3 times already (not including I didnt see while inside my pocket). I received a phone call and talked for 3 mins and I disconnected the call. The Galaxy Note just restarted itself while I was holding it and not doing anything. Few hours later, I was talking to a friend while I was in Macdonald. I was just playing with my phone and have the power button side of the phone leaned on the table. It restarted itself. I tried that again within 10 mins and the phone restarted itself again one more time but it didnt happened since. I thought if I pressed the power button long enough, it will only bring up the manual for power off the phone instead of restart the phone.

    I only had some songs and not SD card installed. Also, I only had skype, whatsapp and angry birds game installed and nothing else installed. I used Kies software for few times and not other updates on the phone itself.

    I was wondering. Did anyone has their phone restarted itself for no reason?

    Thank you.

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  2. t sport 1978

    t sport 1978 Well-Known Member

    No, in the 7 weeks that i have had it, it has never rebooted by itself. I am tempted to advice you to factory reset your unit whilst its still fairly new out of the box and with not too much apps/settings to upset things, this is just to eliminate software problems.

    If after you have factory restored and it still happens, I would return that unit and get another one as its probably a hardware related fault.

    Good luck.
  3. darkmav

    darkmav Member

    I do not have an SD card, but I have been facing a similar problem with the following additional symptoms:

    - the default home page in the Android internet browser is set to Google, but a game advertisement page always loads up

    - I have started getting 'notifications' for offers to buy/download games

    - the phone randomly reboots itself, but this happens sporadically. It just happened a few minutes ago, prompting this post, after I tried to open the internet browser.

    - after the reboot, there is no error message

    - I do not play games other than Chess Free and Words for Friends free.

    - The reboot issue has cropped up only in the last 3 or 4 days, and the phone had so far been working fine.

    Could this be a case of malware/spyware? Usually on computers, such programs change the default home page, but in a perceptible way. If you fire up the Android internet browser, you will be taken to some random games page even though it should go to Google. If I open a new window, then it is indeed Google that loads up.

    Any ideas?
  4. t sport 1978

    t sport 1978 Well-Known Member

    It does sound like malware or bloatware, its probably worth getting an AV program installed.

    My Note entitled me to a free copy of AVG PRO which i now have running (worth
    darkmav likes this.
  5. darkmav

    darkmav Member

    I installed the free version of AVG and did a scan. The internet browser home page has been restored to google. I'll monitor the phone and see if I get any more random notifications or if the other symptoms recur. Thanks!
  6. ilhdaf

    ilhdaf Lurker

    this happened to me too...i don't know why...everything else seems in perfect order..only the self reboot ..hope it doesn't happen again.already downloaded the avg pro..so lets see if it does happen again...

    i heard that the frequency in other electronic items can interfere with the phone...as i remembered that time when my phone reboot itself it was sitting right next to my home phone..and the other time it was really close to my computer monitor..does it really affects the mobile phone?
  7. sb22585

    sb22585 Lurker

    hey ... i faced the same problem as well .. the phone is less than 10 days old.. it just restarted.. i was downloading an app and the phone rang.. it then resulted in phone hanging up... but the phone kept ringing.. then after 10 seconds or so , it rebooted..
    it has happened twice before(as far as I know).. it does bother me but dont knw how would i explain what happened to the guys at the service centre..
  8. yudh

    yudh Lurker

    better just backup your contact list using gmail and then reset the phone to default, while it still new...
  9. darkmav

    darkmav Member

    The problem has recurred. I think it has to do with some application installing bloatware:

    1. I get a notification like this: "have you got what it takes street wars play now 4 free optout at xapush"

    2. When I click on the notification, I am taken to a "mocospace" games page.

    3. The phone does not reboot, but has become VERY slow.

    Any ideas what could be the root cause?
  10. HeroYouFear

    HeroYouFear Lurker

    Hello, i bought my Galaxy Note on December 24th. in The Netherlands where i live.

    My device reboots itself almost daily i have updated and nothing, i did a factory reset with not backup to restore to make sure i wasn't restoring malware back into the phone and nothing.

    This is probably an issue with the phone that Samsung will not admit too or some incompatibility with Android O.S.

    I just don't know what to do.

  11. dc5itr888

    dc5itr888 Lurker

    I have the same issue with mine. I have the international N7000 version and whenever I hear that start up music I look at my phone and I see it restarting. It has never happened during a call thou but mostly on occasions when the phone is on my desk and Im on my pc I look over. Luckly I purchased it less than a month from amazon and Im currently shipping mine back.

    A buddy of mine has a HTC android phone and his phone is 3 months old and is doing the same thing. However he resolved it by getting a new battery and paid out of his pocket
  12. salla43

    salla43 Well-Known Member

    IMHO... These things are so complex.Think of them as Mini computers not phones, with all the little problems that go with computer ownership. If you want to get something 99.9999% glitch free get a Samsung E1170. I guess there are no forums dedicated to that mother of technology ;-)

    Mine does occasionally reboot itself but seems to be related to when im using it specifically (but never on calls). As such it doesnt bother me.

    It freezes up now and again too. And some stuff doesnt work or works partially (thankfully this is rare also - i had a Nokia N900 before, now THAT was really bad in this regard).

    I can understand the concern however if it reboots or crashes during a call. Fortunately this has not happened to me and maybe i'd be singing a different song if i did!

    I do remember my N900 was very frustrating ... i used to stab fruitlessly at the green answer button on the screen whilst trying to answer a business call, shouting at the darned thing, then having to trying and get the customer back on the line and apologise about my "stupid phone". Ahh the fond memories. But i remember forgiving the N900 A LOT more. By comparison the Note runs like a dream.
  13. Wyrdstorm

    Wyrdstorm Newbie

    My SG Note does the exact same, it was doing it 2/3 times a night until i removed all the software i didnt use, and it seemed to calm down, last week it only rebooted once. I can deal with that...but from what i have read on different forums, it seems to be a software issue (i.e 2.3.6) as when people have updated it to a version of ICS, it seemed to stop for them....weird!!
  14. NickleJim

    NickleJim Newbie

    I want to chime in here and say my Note does it too. I have it set up in my car, and out of the corner of my eye as I am driving, I will see it reboot.
  15. gaudiabarca

    gaudiabarca Lurker

    My Galaxy Note arrived 6 days ago - no problems till today. Now it is continually rebooting - every 5-10 seconds. I can't even get beyond the password page to get in to any of the apps, or to sync the phone. I have also purchased several kindle for android books and google play books and several apps over the past few days, as well as taking some photos with it, and I can't get in to the phone to get any of these things off. I'm now having serious second thoughts about exchanging it for the same model. I had an iphone 3GS until this, and never had any problems. I'm soooooo disappointed.....
  16. JunBringer

    JunBringer Android Expert

    The only time I've had random reboots is when I have widget locker installed. It's worth it to me though, as it's only once in a blue moon.
  17. darkmav

    darkmav Member

    Can you reset the phone to factory settings? If the problem persists, do contact Samsung. There are teething problems with almost all new phones.

    PS -- My Note purchased in Nov 2011 is rebooting crazily today. I found it switched off this morning and it would not turn on. I had to open the case, remove the battery, wait for a few seconds, put it back in and switch it on to get it to work. A while ago I started Kies and decided to back up my data (in anticipation of the ICS update). But midway between the backup, the phone rebooted by itself.
  18. sharadsharma

    sharadsharma Newbie

    This has known to be a common issue with the Note. There are quite a few posts on the issue in this forum.

    It has been attributed to build up of static in the phone. It happens once in a while especially when the Note is in the pocket or in the car.

    If it continues to reboot over and over again , then do this to resolve it :
    1) Shut down the phone
    2) Remove the back cover
    3) Remove the battery and the SIM
    4) Reinsert both of these
    5) Put the back cover on back again and restart -> Sorted

    If it happens once in a blue moon , I have chosen to ignore it until it gets fixed someday :) maybe by the ICS magicwand
  19. darkmav

    darkmav Member

    I have done this a few times..it does not permanently solve the problem. And for some of us, it happens very frequently for a few days, and then just stops happening. If it is a hardware problem, then ICS is unlikely to fix it. Are you in India? Do you have ICS now?
  20. sharadsharma

    sharadsharma Newbie

    Nah I am not in India.. I have a UK Sim free phone. No ICS yet!
  21. Gaytan

    Gaytan Newbie

    Mine is doing the same; occasionally reboots. I've installed 'wake lock' from the market and now it' seems steady; activate the 'partial wakelock' function. Don't forget that after insttalling and initializing wakelock, your phone WILL tend to use more battery!!!
    I prefer to have a steady phone though....!

    It's NOT a hardware thing; it's software!!!
  22. idraper

    idraper Lurker

    After 2 months no problems it has started to reboot every 15 seconds. I have lookout installed, however it doesn't reach the lookout boot up before it sounds the reboot sound and starts rebooting.
    I have installed Norton security to see if this would help, but nogood.
    After reformatting the sd card I then removed the battery for about 30 minutes and was able to perform a full reboot which has stopped the annoying reboot sequence.
    I have also experienced some questionable links to something optout which I quickly closed down.
    I hope this problem is solved soon.

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