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Galaxy Note Won't Turn On!?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jerrywakai, Jul 18, 2013.

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    Hello people! So long, long ago I rooted my phone (maybe 6 months ago) and played around with ROMs for a week or so, then unrooted and went back to stock. Never had any problems, but just today, my phone just shut off. When it shut off, it kept vibrating, just small pulses over and over until I took the battery out. When it shut off, it had over 80% battery, so I put the battery back in hoping it would turn back on. The samsung logo/boot screen came up, then it just shut off. It does this repeatedly. I tried putting it into recovery so I can reset it, but it doesnt boot into recovery or download mode.

    strange things: Whenever I hold down the volume down key, it does the vibrating pulse thing until i take my finger off it. And when it's on the charger, it does the vibrating thing the whole time until I unplug it, even if the battery isn't in it.

    Does anyone know what may be wrong?

    I started the warranty replacement process. AT&T is already sending me a new phone, then I have to send them back my phone for them to evaluate for damage. If they find something is wrong, then I get charged a $549 warranty fee.

    Even though I can't boot my phone into recovery, do you think that they will be able to see if it was rooted? It isn't rooted any more, but it was months ago so I'm worried they might somehow check the binary counter. I don't want to send it back with risk of getting charged $549. Will a debug jig bring it into download? The new phone will get here in a couple days and I have to have a solution by then.. If I can fix it myself before then then I can just send the new phone back without risk. I definitely don't want to be charged that fee. I could just buy a new phone..

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