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Galaxy on Fire 2 close to release!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by jcash3, May 18, 2011.

  1. jcash3

    jcash3 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    According to one of the developers:

    "I can't give you a date, but it's coming soon... very very soon, won't pass another month so keep your money gentlemen [​IMG]"

    "Maybe days, maybe two weeks... not a month, that's for sure [​IMG]"

    GOF 2 Support - Page 2 - FISHLABS Forums

    So it looks like not too much longer. Probably towards the end of the month. I have been looking forward to this one.

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  2. ogrenator

    ogrenator Android Enthusiast

    is it tegra2 only? or is that still up in the air at this point....
  3. jcash3

    jcash3 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Yeah it is for Tegra 2 devices. They have mentioned bringing it to other devices (probably dual core ones) if there is enough support for the game. I think that they would benefit from porting the iPhone version over to high end devices.
  4. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy

    Sad day. My poor little DX won't run it. It looks really good, though. Maybe if they expand it to other dual-core devices and if I get one of those :p
  5. ogrenator

    ogrenator Android Enthusiast

    ill be getting the evo3d so hopefully they bring this game over it looks sweet!!
  6. basalt

    basalt Well-Known Member

    It ran fine on my old iphone3g 8gb so why would it require high end devices on android?
  7. Vanquished

    Vanquished Android Expert

    Because that is what they optimized it for. I'll bet my bottom dollar that this version looks and feels alot nicer on the qHD screen with these higher end phones than it did on your iPhone 3. I believe it was daveloft or Shocky that also pointed out that they have to draw a line somewhere on which devices to support and which not to. Seeing as how the future of smart phones is heading in the dualcore--possibly even quadcore--direction, it seems reasonable to only support devices with such hardware.
  8. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Android Expert

    I was disappointed tha this wasn't coming to my SGSII, but since I got a Google I/O Galaxy Tab 10.1 today I'm not so upset about it! Can't wait, remember playing the other one back on my N95...
  9. Shocky

    Shocky Android Expert

    This isn't about drawing the line, the SGX540 could handle this, Mali 400MP and Adreno 220 can easily run this.

    They won't get support though, nvidia want to corner the market, they will influence developers to use formats that other devices don't support, they've done a good job so far, I predict that when tegra 3 arrives, if we want the latest games we will no longer have a choice but to buy phones with nvidia gpus.

    Doesn't matter how fast other phones are, they won't get these games, welcome to the future of android gaming.

    Maybe somebody can crack them, would mean changing texture formats, no chance if it uses physx.
  10. daveloft

    daveloft Android Enthusiast

    If it works on the Xperia play, I see no reason to require dual core. It should at least work on Adreno 205 and PowerVR SGX540 devices with single core cpu's.
  11. jcash3

    jcash3 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

  12. daveloft

    daveloft Android Enthusiast

    Obviously. Yet still doesn't take away from my question of why it is not available for other devices? Why is the developer focusing on 5% of the Android population?
  13. Vanquished

    Vanquished Android Expert

    Unless every manufacturer starts using the Nvidia chipsets I don't see them controling the market for two reasons. The "fragmentation" or variety of devices available and because of devices being limited to certain carriers. I bet most people won't switch carriers just to play games, and developers will suffer for not supporting other devices.

    Gameloft has an awesome system setup because they support as many devices as they can, and their games are relatively cheap, especially since they have BOGO deals all the time. Companies that only support a couple different devices or charge lots of money for a particular product won't survive anyway.
  14. Shocky

    Shocky Android Expert

    It's already happening; every week new games are getting released for tegra 2 only.

    There are quite a few tegra 2 based phones available, I'm sure at least one is available on every network so people don't need to change at all.

    Also more manufacturers will use tegra 3 as it's going to be around 3 times faster, the new Google will probably be Tegra 3 based. Gameloft annoyingly still make different versions for every phone, as in use different texture formats, so capability is limited, I can't run any of the latest games from gameloft.

    It's starting to feel like I’m on Symbian again, I'm thinking about jumping ship as I don't like where Android gaming is going right now. Hoping iPhone 5 uses SGX543MP2 like the iPad 2.
  15. shaolin95

    shaolin95 Well-Known Member

    One single reason $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    I hate what they are doing to the Android market. I might skip Galaxy S 2 just because at this rate it seems the best bet is to get a Tegra 3 phone later on :mad:
  16. jcash3

    jcash3 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Im not sure. They did mention that the xperia play version hasn't been selling well. Im not sure why that version wouldn't be released for other phones. This game would make a killing if available for a larger range of devices.
  17. jkr284

    jkr284 Newbie

    Thats probably because they are selling it for a stupid price on the market

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