Help Galaxy S GTI 9000 wifi issue


Hi All

After reading through the forums, I can't seem to find a valid reason why my problem has occurred so here goes . .

The Galaxy S has been connected to our BT Home Hub router not a problem, since it was purchased in March.
However yesterday I left the battery to completely discharge during the day and now when I try to connect to our home network, I find that all previous WI-FI networks used have been deleted.
I have attempted to add a new network for my current hub but it won't accept anything. Even when scanning networks it says "unable to scan networks"
Have done the usual reboot router, phone etc so have no idea where to go now

Any help would be great so look forward to hearing from you


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phone is not seeing any wifi router at all
static IP is not enabled
have not completed a fukll factory reset on phone as not sure what will lose, or how to best back up

Thinking perhaps I should go back to my Nokia 6110 !!!