Galaxy S II .. market not working


Hi everyone
i recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S II
i have 2 very annoying frustrating problems :

1 \\ The Market App ,, I'm trying to open this app but it just won't open ..
all the time when i try to open it .. a gray background with circular loading icons appear then suddenly it closes by it self and the home screen shows up

i searched in Google & YouTube for a solution but still the same
i updated the market app to 3.4.7 and the icon didn't change to the google play icon .. cleared the cache and the data .. reset the phone . nothing seems to work ..

without this app i can't download any game or app and the phone would be trash

2 \\ auto rotating .. i don't know why but the phone seems to be very slow when rotating !! any clue why ?

I really really would appreciate any help from you :(



Check six!
Is your Google account working okay otherwise e.g. you can log-in to GMail etc successfully? I would normally also suggest a server issue but I've just checked and the Play Store appears to be fine.