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Galaxy S stopped recognizing SD card

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by yzmotoguy, May 22, 2011.

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    I have had my phone for 6 months and everything has worked fine. I was videoing the other night and it saved to my SD card as usual. I stopped videoing and put my phone in my pocket. A few minutes later I get my phone out to shoot more video and it says there is no external SD card. I shut my phone down, removed the battery, checked the SD and it was still inserted. I removed it and pushed it back in and it went in with no problems. I restarted my phone and it says there is no external SD card. I have since put in numerous SD cards that work in other phones and it won't acknowledge a card is inserted.

    My carrier is Cellular South and they want me to ship the phone to them so they can look at it. If they deem it is something I did to the phone they bill me $300 and give me a replacement. I don't get the option of declining the charge once I send the phone in to them. I am just trying to see if anyone knows anything about this. I haven't dropped the phone and it has stayed in an Otterbox since the day I got it. It hasn't gotten wet other than an occasional time or two that sweat has gotten on it. Any answers would surely help.


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