Help Galaxy S Transparent Screen?

At certain angles under strong lighting (basically when light is shining onto, but not reflected back off the screen) I can see a line that looks like it might be the edge of a circuit board behind my screen (when the display is off).
Initially I thought it was a scratch, but on closer inspection, it's too thick a line, and much too precise and engineered looking to be one.

It's sorta this shape and runs across behind the screen, about 2/3 of the way up:


Has anyone else noticed this? Tis rather odd.


Yeah, exact same thing here. Actually it goes around the whole screen.
Wanted to return my phone and was just checking whether anyone else had this problem.
Managed to take a photo, attaching it and also a copy where I painted the pattern in red to make it more easily discoverable.

Anyone else having this? Is it just a small number of phones with this issue or a general problem?


i think this is something all galaxy s owners see. I saw this first time i laid my hands on the phone, kinda cool and creepy at the same time!

the screen works without any problems though


I just tried now, under my strongest lightsource at different angles. Couldnt see anything during my first tests, then I tried with a strong maglite flashlight, then i could easily see it. This was so hard for me to find, and i dont think i ever will see it again during real life use.

But maybe as i know it now, i might be more aware of it and start looking for it :)


under artificial light it's indeed really hard to see. but in sunlight it becomes very well visible. so if you can't see it go outdoors, turn the display off and make the phone face near the sun.
but thx for the confirmation, will save me from having to send my phone back and prolly be w/o phone for weeks


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Yeah, that's the shape! I have halogen spotlights at home so it shows up all the time. I assume it's just the screen control board or something.

Thanks for the photos UdvVrf!


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It's normal. I was quite surprised by it too when I first saw it. But as someone who messed around with circuits and proximity cards for a bit, I immediately recognised it as a copper wire.


This is probably what you're seeing (yoinked from an ebay auction):


The only time I've ever noticed it is when I was in a dark room with a beam of bright sunshine coming from between the blackout curtains - I wasn't looking for it specifically. you can also see what I assume are parts of the capacitive sensor matrix - at least that's what I think all the /'s are.