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Galaxy S USA release date - Nov 11

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Kabob, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. Kabob

    Kabob Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Quoting shake down:

    Text from her link:

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  2. avgazn91

    avgazn91 Member

    YES!!! thank you so much!! I've been wondering when froyo would finally come.
  3. Chee

    Chee Newbie

    I am not holding my breath. But I am curious to see how T-mobile is gonna dumb it down. I dont think a single U.S carrier has left the mobile hotspot feature on froyo yet.
  4. dalehitchy

    dalehitchy Newbie

    I completely regret buying the galaxy s because of how slow Samsung role out updates... Which is a shame cus the phone is pretty decent.... But ill never get one of their phones again if their this slow.....

    Not worth bring out froyo anymore as gingerbread will be out soon anyway..... Then we'll have to wait for that for a couuple of months
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  5. Bitterman

    Bitterman Lurker

    Actually, I think he (hitchy) makes a pretty good point. If you're going to pass judgement on someone why don't you make it based on what they have to say instead of where he does or doesn't place punctuation. I'm shopping for my first Android phone and I've been reading this forum for the last couple days. I was heavily leaning towards the Epic/Galaxy S but being that I tend to keep my phones for a long time before upgrading, I've reconsidered. I'd rather not get stuck with a phone the manufacturer will likely abandon (based on their past track record.) So I'm most likely going to get the Evo 4g instead. Sorry for highjacking the thread, I just thought it needed to be said.
  6. will the samsung galaxy s from us cellular be getting the update
  7. quixotic

    quixotic Lurker

    Although the original post didn't use the word "all", I got the impression that's what they meant by the statement "USA carriers and UK carriers". We'll see but as someone else said, I'm not holding my breath.
  8. RedRyno

    RedRyno Well-Known Member

    :snore: I believed it the first 100 times they said it was coming out...
  9. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Android Expert

    Samsung plays out the same old song and dance with new shoes and a new guitar every time.

    They put out technically impressive hardware wrapped in a moderately attractive device, then kill itbquickly with crippling bugs followed with almost total refusal to fix any of it's issues. That or they just wait until the phone is totally out dated and fix half it's issues.
  10. beezelbub

    beezelbub Lurker

    It looks like I'll have to root mine and de-bloat it myself. Then use leaked updates, or custom roms written by talented people, not Samsung.
  11. Reap

    Reap Member

    I personally love my phone and Samsung isn't as bad as Motorola with updates... yet. But November 11 sounds like a sham and it will most likely be coming at the end of November. Honestly though why would they wait so long for the updates... their not going to have any mobile customers in the future if they procrastinate longer.
  12. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    My Galaxy updated to 2.2 via kies, monday morning local Central European Time. It has lagging problems. I am located in Sweden.
  13. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    OK, after having lagging and crashes I factory reset the phone, reinstalled my 115+ apps, reconfigured and now it works much better. And apparently just installing doesn't get it completely right. As common with upgrades. Not just android. Don't upgrade, reinstall. But here it was simnpler, just updating from keis and factory reset afterwards. Jut backup before all You want to keep (sms, contacts etc)
  14. Chee

    Chee Newbie

    If by the 12 of November Samsung, T-Mobile or whoever dosent give us the OTA for Vibrant I am gonna go with the costom rom from AKASkriller. If I do get the OTA and T-Mob took away the wi-fi tethering capibility, I still am rooting and using the costom rom.
  15. Chee

    Chee Newbie

    Well it Nov 11 and no one is reporting an update. :(
  16. avgazn91

    avgazn91 Member

    waiting until tonight. last time i got an update, it was around 11pm. (EST)

    btw, i'm hearing so much about having to factory reset.

    How would you go about backing everything up? Luckily all my songs and half my pictures are on an sd card. But what about all my contacts, other pictures and apps?
  17. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Android Expert

    Back up your contacts to your Google account, and/or download an app like Lookout or something similar.
  18. avgazn91

    avgazn91 Member

    i think my contacts are actually saved on my SIM card, now that i think about it. So that saves tons of trouble.
  19. Well, in 12 minutes it will be Nov. 12th where I live.

    So I call bull**** on any update for the galaxy S. Not that this is any surprise to me though...
  20. Chee

    Chee Newbie

    I just rooted about an hour ago and installed Froyo. I have not been able to put my phone down for the past hour and a half going through all the changes and updates. I am more than satisfied. Heck I was happy before, I just wanted the wireless access point feature.
  21. Rooted or got the OTA update????
  22. howetechnical

    howetechnical Android Enthusiast

    Really? I mean...really?

    Excerpt taken from the first sentence of his post...it's the first three words:

    "I just rooted"

    Can't get more clear that that...
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  23. Thank you, you have a firm grasp of the obvious.

    Given the time of his "root", I felt it was important to verify if he meant root or if he meant update. People make typing errors...

    Doesn't make sense why someone would root their phone the night that the update was supposedly coming, which is why I asked.
  24. Chee

    Chee Newbie

    Yes I "ROOTED". New OI ROM. I rooted the night an OTA was supposed to come because I wanted to. Was more thanlikely gonna do it anyway because I am tired of bloatware I dont use taking up space on my devise, alone with about 50 other reasons. To tell the truth now that I done it I am not sure why I never did it a long time ago. I feel like I actually OWN my phone. The developer of the rom got a hold of the leaked unofficial official T-mobile Froyo with all the goodies (Wi-fi calling, wifi mobile access point, the Super User Root Ninja....). BTW, did the OTA come last night?

  25. I havent go anything yet, I am thinking it was just speculation. Not a single person has posted about having it yet so I guess the waiting game continues. Right now I'm pretty happy with the phone on 2.1, but if it was easy for you to do the root, perhaps I will try it soon

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