May 19, 2011
hi guys! my wife has a new galaxy s mobile phone! was working great until she let my little daughter play on some games , from then on she hasnt been able to play videos at all. when she tries it keeps coming up the video cannot be played , even the vids she hes done with the phone of the children ! any help would be appreciated guys thank you
Have you tried playing music? Recording another video? Playing videos off youtube/internet? and does she happen to use twitter or have the official twitter app loaded on her phone?
thanks guys! yes gluske she has tried playing videos from youtube bbut says the same thanks .. will give it a go goyal. sanchit! thank you will post update if it works ! thanks for your replies guys much appreciated
she has tried with that app rockplayer but it comes up " file cannot be played by system player " any other ideas welcome ! thank you
Extremely common problem that nobody has been able to fix. I'm not sure if you're experiencing the exact same issues or not, but it sounds like it.

My thread regarding it:

I ask about twitter because I haven't (fingers crossed) experienced an issue since replacing the official twitter app w/ a 3rd party one (tweetcaster/tweetdeck)

If you look at these forums, there's a lot of topics about videos, mp3s, and camera not working. None of which are actually solved. So I hope that's the issue.
thanks gluske, my wife decided to try a different forum and found out if you delete the twitter app and then turn the phone off and back on again to reboot it, it works! her videos and everything are working again fine! some people might say, well videos played when twitter app was on when bought it but i think its actualy if you use the twitter app it happens! anyway guys thank you everyone for your suggestions it was appreciated!